2000 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Classic


An over-priced plastic rollercoaster


Minor electric problems.

Blown horn.

Blown headlight.

Blown power window fuse.

Seat-adjust lever (plastic) broke after using it a couple of times.

General Comments:

I guess if roller-coaster wagons were altered for road-use as personal vehicles, this is kind of what they would feel like.

You sit tall, have nowhere to put your legs, and in every corner, you feel like you are going to flip over.

At the same time, the car has a low center of gravity, so it feels like it's gripping the road, but since you sit far above that center of gravity, the actual feeling is that of being ejected through the window at any time.

Moves sideways over bumps like a tall sports-utility vehicle.

Hard, uncomfortable seats.

Horrible plastic everywhere... and LOW GRADE plastic, not even high-density injection-molded plastic.

Most of the rubber around the windows of this Brazilian-made roller-coaster wagon was already dried and cracked when we got it.

Changing a light bulb is incredibly difficult, and changing any part is an expensive affair.

The car was reliable, but we felt like we were sitting on a time-bomb, waiting for something to break and drive us into bankruptcy.

The car was extremely uncomfortable to ride in for any amount of time, and I just feel it was not worth the stress over the expensive parts.

There are cheaper, more comfortable cars in the same quality bracket.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 31st October, 2010

19th Feb 2011, 13:55

I believe you needed to change shock absorbers, because of the high mileage. This car never gives the sensation of flipping over. It's got incredible handling, praised even by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear.