1991 Renault 9 TXE 1.6 petrol


Great space and silence for touring without a 3L motor


Things that have gone wrong are the cables inside the motor, a failure in one relay started to burn all electrical cables reaching the panel to the opposite turn light.

Also the RPM gauge falls and climbs without control. Most of the time it works fine.

Finally the small size of the speakers at the front; they are 5' 1/4 but the deepness is poor.

General Comments:

After all those bad points, I have to say that it's a lovely car. This R9 was made in Argentina, 1991, but with interiors of 1992. The model is the highest of the range for R9s, the TXE, with AC or AA, power steering, power crystals, fog lights, etc; very good for a cheap car. Actually it has a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) cylinder in the back and I still have good space for other stuff.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st November, 2002