1990 Alfa Romeo 33 16v 1.7L


Superb value and great motoring fun!


Not much went wrong with the car in my ownership over 6 years; just the usual maintenance.

Replaced slave cylinder at 200,000km.

Replaced clutch and timing belt at 200,000km.

Re-gassed the A/C at 240,000km.

General Comments:

Well when I first bought this car in 2006. I was in love with it. I actually wrote a review on this site when I first bought it. 6 years later I still love this car - the best I owned, and it was such a shame to part with it. I thought it would be nice to write up a follow up review, having owned the car for quite some time. I only sold this car, as I wanted something newer and more comfortable.

Performance wise it's one of the best older hatches you'll find; extremely torquey and responsive motor, puts the 147 twin spark to shame, and the E30 318is is not even close, believe me! I owned one of them too!

The 33 is a delight to own and drive; it handles well, sounds superb, and was an extremely reliable and fun car to own. Of course you need to service them; regular oil changes and timing belt every 3 years. The car never let me down, the electrics are the only main fault in the car, and whilst it all 'works', it could be better; sometimes the speedo would drop out or the lights wouldn't work; give the fuse box a smack, and it's all OK again!

If you're after a hot hatch with performance on a budget, the 33 will never disappoint you. It's superb value for money, and it's hard to find anything like it! Most people who put Alfa down never own them. Take your advice from a passionate owner - if you can put up with the minor Alfa quirks, a 33 will reward you 10 times over.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2012

1990 Alfa Romeo 33 16v qv 1.7 ie




Nothing so far.

General Comments:

It's a 90 model 33 16V QV, and it's awesome!

I purchased it from my Alfa mechanic. I'm totally in love!

This is my 3rd Alfa, and 2nd 33. It's my favourite model. Alfa hit the bulls-eye with this one. The engine is sweet, and just keeps on going! I look at my RPM more than my speed!!!

The seats are very comfy, but the dash layout is a tad boring compared to the series 1 Green Clover model (had round extra oil/battery gauges, which had that 80's euro funk appeal to it).

Hasn't aged at all. A 17 year old shape, and still sharp!

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Review Date: 9th January, 2007

27th Jun 2007, 00:05

Hi alfisti, it's me back. Well I've done 10 000 km since buying my boy, and all is perfectly perfect haha. Was serviced last week, so I am looking forward to another 10000 kms :)

1990 Alfa Romeo 33 IE 1.7 16v


Best performing 1.7 ever made


Alternator and Battery had to be changed.

New Brake discs and Pads

Spark Plugs at 100,000

Radiator and water pump changed

Suspension of the whole car which put a big hole in my wallet.

Fuel injectors had to be cleaned.

General Comments:

If you are willing to spend on an old car to make it quick, it' this one you must have.

I have bad luck with mine and it's costing a bit!

But I love the car! It's quick, looks great and has a distinct sound.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2002