1982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud ti 1.5


I adore my car and wish another Alfa lover would take it as I am again going overseas


In 9 years my beautiful Sud has had 2 new handbrakes (I believe Suds usually come with bricks and buckets - I have not needed the bucket) the usual tyres, oil filters but little else.

Only now is the passenger seat slightly wearing, the driver's seat has a fitted sheepskin cover.

It has no faults.

General Comments:

This wonderful car has not a spot of rust anywhere.

After being garaged for two years while I was overseas it started again at first turn of the ignition.

Strong handling.

Needs sensitive handling changing down, its complaint otherwise is audible.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2005

20th Aug 2005, 21:19

Hi fellow Alfasud owner. I have an '82 as well and would love to have another, You're going overseas and selling your SUD? Please contact me at orvestco@yahoo.com THANKS!

25th Aug 2011, 00:02

Hi fellow Sud lovers, just purchased a '84 TI Cloverleaf, been sitting for 8 years after a partial resto, no cancer, and only took a week of fiddling to have it purring like a kitten.

My third Sud, definitely the best, best $2000 I've ever spent, and after owning 100 motor cars of every description, I can safely state no other car drives like a Sud, and then there's the sound, FERRRARI eat your heart out.

1977 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti 1.5L veloce


A great fun, reliable and safe car


The biggest problems have been with the ignition and door locks. However, this is an oldish car.

Another problem has been with the door not closing properly, as the hinge pins move down.

The seats needed rebuilding after 190000km.

General Comments:

This is a very reliable and exciting car to drive. The acceleration is phenomenal as is the climbing ability and general road handling.

It is not possible to carry lots of passengers or luggage, but it is big enough to fit my golf clubs and gear in the boot sideways!

I am having the interior re-trimmed and exterior resprayed. That is how much I think this is a great car to drive and keep.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

1978 Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.3 petrol


The Sud suffers from the usual electrical peculiarities.

The petrol gauge more or less works like a rev counter.

There is a fair amount of rust around but this is to be expected of any Sud.

General Comments:

The Sud is my daily driver and I can't fault it for getting from A to B. It sounds great and goes very well. It is great to throw around on a country road but will not win you any credit with females. In fact my girlfriend shudders every time the word Sud is mention and refuses to drive it. However, if I had to choose between her and the car... the Sud would win hands down!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2000

12th Sep 2002, 18:05

I agree with your comment about this little legend. My name is Elias from Greece. I am (unfortunately) 34 years old. Why unfortunately? By the time I planned to buy my first car, the little legend with the superb handling, Alfasuds had already vanished from the new car showrooms, never to return. I therefore bought in 1992 the successor A33. The car is O.K. It shares some parts with the past legendary Alfasud, BUT IT IS NOT AN ALFASUD. I cannot understand why Alfa Romeo decided to replace the discs all round with drums for the rear brakes. Anyway, I'm considering seriously selling the A33, and I will try to find a second hand Alfasud. I know that this particular model from Pomigliano d'Arco, suffers from a never-ending series of niggling little faults. Yes, but "remember the roadholding". No, my decision is final and irreversible...