2007 Audi Q7 S-line 4.2 petrol


An out of date fashion statement


The bluetooth connection between the car and the mobile phone is exceedingly difficult to program. When I changed phones, it kept trying to hook up with the old one.

There is a lot of brake dust, and the wheels look continually dirty.

General Comments:

This car is well finished. The trim fit is excellent, and there is a feeling of quality throughout.

The car is far too heavy though. The acceleration is lethargic, and to control the body roll the springing has been made very stiff. This has left the car with a very harsh jiggly ride.

The Q7 is very long. Parking in a standard carpark is impossible. Despite that there is not a lot of room inside. The front passengers feel cramped by the large centre console, and the relatively low roof line. The second row of seats is a more comfortable place.

Loading anything into the rear of the vehicle is difficult. There is a strip of fluted stainless steel and a wide bumper that any load has to be lifted over so as not to mark the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2009

16th Dec 2010, 03:20

I am very surprised by these comments. I have the Q7 3.0D S-Line and the car feels like the Tardis (Doctor Who anyone).

We had before the Q7 two BMW X5s and the Audi has a lot more space. I am 6'3" and very very comfy. When we drive to the snow field from Sydney we can fit everything in for two adults two children. When being a passenger have plenty room. With the X5 we had to put a coffin on the roof. Loading is easy as everything is reachable and there is nothing you have to "lift over". One thing we did do was getting the rubber floor cover for the boot.

We never had any problems.

My only gripe is is that in city traffic it is thirsty. Get about 570 km out a full tank. Highway is much better about a 1000 km.

We drive a 2008 model. The seven seats are wonderful. Can carry 7 adults fine. Have done on many occasions.

2007 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI


Very good value for money


Seat belt in back has been replaced as it was rattling.

General Comments:

My car is all I was told it would be and more.

The towing is unbelievable comp-eared to Toyota and Nissans.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2008