2005 Audi S4 4.2 V8 petrol


Adrenaline on tap



General Comments:

An absolutely brilliant drive. Super fast and amazing through corners. The Recaro seats hug your body and the six speed manual transmission makes driving come alive. The launch control is interesting and sometimes cause embarrassment at the lights when you inadvertently engage it.

The only downside to this car is the limited leg room in the rear for tall adults. I'm 6'3", and with a comfortable driving position, there's not a lot of room behind me for a tall passenger.

As far as value for money goes, these Porsche beaters can't be beat.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2015

1999 Audi S4 2.6 twin turbo


Lots of known issues that cost a fortune to fix


1. Common problem with Audi concert stereo with tape deck, the volume goes crazy when you turn the dial. It's a problem with the RAM. Need to replace the stereo this will happen to all units eventually, there is no fix from Audi.

2.Central LCD shows lines and is unreadable. Need to be replaced. Due to issue with the connections inside the LCD. This is a Common problem costs 2000 NZD (1000 Euro) to fix.

3. On early S4 models the turdo's go at around 110,000 k's. Expensive as to replace the bottom turbo you have to take the engine out. This is a common problem with the early models. (Audi have now dropped the twin turbo from the S4).

4. The exhaust manifold is twin skinned this brakes and caused a rattling noise at low rev's. Expensive to fix as it requires the engine out can be 40hrs labour. If your lucky the rattling noise may be from a lose heat shield that can be reached with a long cresent.

5. The ABS light can keep coming on due to a faulty sensor. Common issue.

General Comments:

The car is a dog due to the above known issues and no support from Audi to rectify. Be aware you could be up for a $10,000 NZD (5000) euro bill on the early versions of this model.

It has good performance, but the handling is average.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2006

2001 Audi S4 Avant 2.7 BiTurbo


Great car let down by dealer


The front brakes were replaced under warranty after I purchased the car, however that didn't stop the dealership trying to get me to pay for them!

The front bumper sits badly out of line from factory. The dealership said this is how it was designed to be.

The car has been back to the dealership 5 times to have the centre rear headrest replaced under warranty, however it never seems to get done.

The factory S4 alloys, like the RS4 wheels, were made from a very soft metal, causing them to buckle. This can be felt through the steering wheel whilst driving.

Various mysterious problems with the stereo not playing, but after turning off and turning back on it will then work. Sometimes it won't pick up preset stations when there is a clear signal. Again, will usually find the station once it is reset.

General Comments:

I really enjoy this car for its power and torque, understated looks, comfort (in the front seats), and generally build quality is good.

Power from the V6 engine is effortless and sometimes you can find yourself cruising on the highway at 110kmh in 4th and not realising it, the engine being so smooth and quiet.

Suspension obviously wasn't designed for all-out performance in mind. It can be quite wafty when cornering hard, but does give a good compromise of sportiness and comfort.

The steering can be quite snatchy on anything, but the most perfect roads.

Rear seat leg room is too tight for anyone, but a child. Sitting adults in the back requires significant forward movement of the front seats, which compromises front leg room.

Fuel economy is surprisingly good- 12.7L/100km mixed driving. (And I'm certainly not the most timid of drivers). It is much more economical than my old Impreza STi, which would average around 18L/100km.

It's such a shame that the Audi dealer spoiled what should have been a pleasurable car-buying experience.

Their laziness has cost me so much time running backwards and forwards to the dealership chasing up work that wasn't done. The dealership was so unhelpful that in the end I offered to give them back the car if they couldn't get their act together. This was met by such rudeness from the manager at the dealership, that I vowed never to deal with the company again.

I will most probably buy another Audi, but next time it will not be from an Audi dealer.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2005