2001 Audi TT Quattro 1.8L turbo AWD


A future classic; reliable and the best bang for buck there is in a used European car



Has been a reliable and inexpensive car since I purchased it. This is only due to the previous owner having a full Audi history.

Previous owner had something replaced in the seat, that Audi replaced out of the warranty period due to it being faulty. Audi service seems to have a good reputation from all of the European car companies in Australia.

Like any car, this car requires TLC or at least someone who is willing to get it serviced at the dealer.

General Comments:

By far the best bang for buck you can get in a European car of this age and price. A car where you can sincerely feel the quality. A car that will no doubt be considered a classic in 10 years.

I am a man who easily gets over his cars and changes frequently. I have owned a number of expensive exotic cars, as well as practical Japanese ones over the years. I share a BMW 125i coupe with my wife that she uses daily for her longer drive to work than I have. Having said this, and spending 3 times the price for the BMW new, I love this car more, prefer to drive it, and will definitely be holding this for a lot longer than any of my other previous cars.

Its lines, its feel when opening and closing the doors, the fun whipping it around bends, and the feedback from the steering wheel.

The beautiful interior that feels like a cabin on a jet; the red interior lights, the soft leather, the dash, the brushed chrome tastefully placed on the round aircon fans, gear knob and little switches for the electric windows. This beautiful brushed chrome extends onto the glove box etched with "Quattro". Audi definitely put a lot of passion into building this car, that can still be felt, admired and seen in how she holds herself and is reliable after all these years.

A beautiful car to drive. Sure it may not have the power of our BMW, but it is fuel efficient, has beautiful feedback when driving, and brings a smile to my face when I park her and look at her upon leaving and returning.

My mechanic, who is a German car specialist, says that this model TT (8N) was built far better than the new ones (8J) that are in far higher volume today.

If you are a person who loves his/her cars, then you will come to a point where you are in a conflict where your mind is saying 'No' but your heart is screaming 'YES' to take the plunge and purchase something that was built with passion like an Alfa Romeo. Before you do, definitely consider the first Audi TT - that way your heart and mind are equally satisfied.

If this has helped you please comment; I would love to see that I convinced (and made happy) someone that is now an Audi TT owner.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st December, 2013