2006 BMW 1 Series 130i Sport


Excellent engine. Chassis built quality in doubt


Windows squeaking.

General Comments:

I purchased this car last week. I was going to purchase a 120, but by the time I ticked all the option list, the 130 was a better buy.

The straight six 3 liter engine is very powerful, with the paddle shift on the steering wheel making gear changing very exciting. The engine note is louder than the 120, but it's bigger capacity, so it's expected.

I think the steering wheel feedback is too strong on the 130, sometimes you get steering kick when the road is not so good.

Overall I'm happy with the car, and with the dealer, but I'm very disappointed with windows squeaking after owning the car for one week. I am not sure of the cause - could be the motors for the electric windows. I am taking back to the dealer see what they say, but for the money I have paid, I am very surprised to see that windows squeaks.


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Review Date: 2nd July, 2006

7th Jul 2006, 14:14

Well, this is me again, I left the review originally. The squeak is caused by the rubber being too dry. Its common on the 1 series according to the dealer. They will replace the door rubber. Hope that will fix it.

The car seem to have lot of steering kick. I do not know the reason. Anyway if the dealer cannot fix the car, I will live with it.

I don't know, I was expecting a better car, especially with the 130 being top of the range. I am starting to think maybe the car is not new. Should have purchased the 120, it's got enough power. The 130's a bit hard to drive.. is a bit over powered, not as smooth as the 120, because you need to rev low to drive normal. The engine doesn't like that.

2005 BMW 1 Series 116i 1.6 petrol


If you enjoy driving, then this is a car for you


No problems as yet.

General Comments:

Had the car just over two months, and have had no problems with it or major complaints so far. Only complaint I have is that the engine can be slightly noisy, but I was told this is common for the 1.6 litre engine.

I test drove quite a few BMW's before choosing the 1 series, and I have to say that the handling is beyond any other car I've driven - you can take corners so fast and so hard in this car and feel like you have complete control. The car feels very solid on the road, and the ride is extremely smoothe, especially on open roads (100km/hr or higher).

Interior styling is nice and comfortable, stereo system has MP3 capabilities and a pretty nice speaker set. Interior does not feel cheap to me, except for the glovebox, which is basically just a flap with a piece of string. Personally the seats are quite comfortable, although passengers have complained about them being hard.

Steering feels heavy at lower speeds, but I enjoy that and find that other cars now feel too "light" when I'm driving. Steering wheel is nice and thick. Having a sunroof really opens up the interior in this car, since the windows are quite short and give the car a bit of a "closed" feeling. Rear leg room isn't amazing, but for short rides it's acceptable.

Exterior styling takes some getting used to, but now I find it to be an amazing looking car. For a 1.6, the power is pretty good, if not huge.. You definitely get more fun and grunt from a manual. The rear wheel drive makes a huge difference.

Push-button start/stop is a great novelty on this car (I never get tired of pressing the button). On board computer tells you everything you need to know, and warns you when a fluid level is low. Airbags all round. Overall solid feel, great performance and high-tech.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2005