1988 BMW 3 Series 325i 2.5L straight 6


Overall, it's a good car, very reliable even if I do thrash the sh*% out of her (never let me down)


Fuses like to keep blowing on different things.

Air con not working.

Fog lights stopped working.

Clutch is starting to go on me.

Has a couple of oil leaks.

No big deal for a car with over 300 thousand and no rebuild on the motor or gear box.

General Comments:

This car looks great after you add a few mods to it, to kind of bring it back to the future, like custom tail and side lights, and it starts to look really mean once it's lowered (use super low King springs) with this and a set of 18" rims with 215/35/18 tyres (20mm spacers are required). It handles like no other average car like a Ford, Commodore or Mitsubishi. They can't keep up with me through a road with a lot of bends.

I found the motor stock standard ain't that fast, but with a few light cheap mods, that all changes. I have added a new hi flow muffler with 3" inlet, 6.5" barrel and 4.5" tip. This gives the car lots more torque, and the note she puts out is very nice. People are always asking if I have a bigger 6 or even an 8 cylinder under there.

Next good performance booster is a K&N pod filter with a heat shield (heat shield very important to the performance), and when this thing sucks it sounds awesome, and changing gears makes the car sound like it's turboed with a blow off valve - great.

First and second gear ain't that fast in the car, but once you hit into 3rd at high revs, then watch out (this is the gear that lets you pull away from some fool in his Ford or Commodore)

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

20th Jul 2008, 04:27

Lol so true... the old beamers cop a good flogging.

1988 BMW 3 Series 320i E30 2.0


Great car, but needs to be carefully looked after..


My power steering developed a serious leak and needed replacing at $1800.

Timing belt jumped a tooth and valves inside the engine and rocker arms were badly damaged at $2700.

Bad condition seats and fuel and temp readouts were unreliable.

General Comments:

This car is a dream to drive on fast long turns and is a rocket off the mark puts some cars to shame.

Comfortable on roads, but gives trouble on any bumps and potholes.

Good fuel economy and very good at high speeds. About 8ltrs/100kms on freeways.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005