1973 Cadillac DeVille 7.7 litre




I bought this car because I always wanted one. They are so distinct in looks, and everyone who sees it is impressed.

It is so just different to what is offered today. It is an era that has been and gone, where cars are so conservative today, these are of an era that portrayed by style & grace, where bigger was always better.

General Comments:

It drives like the Batmobile. It's a 7.7 litre (472 ci) V8.

It goes real well, cushion suspension.

Nothing made today compares.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2009

1974 Cadillac DeVille Sedan de Ville 500 CID 8.2 litre


20 feet of heaven


Air conditioning needs attention.

A couple of the interior lights on the doors don't work.

Vacuum-operated foot brake occasionally will not self-release when you shift from Park.

Rebuilt the carburettor, and the rubber vacuum lines were re-fabricated from steel.

General Comments:

I bought this car off an Upland, CA dealer who advertised it on eBay on 17/12/2007. It had obviously sat for some considerable time as the original owner (a Mrs. Warnecke) died in May 2007 and the car's registration tags expired in May 2002. The driver's registration card which I still have expired in May 1997. As a result, a few things needed to be rebuilt or replaced due to its extended lack of use, not through any real fault of the car. It had gone to 2 car "donation" outfits and 2 dealers before I got it.

The car when I first got it, it had its factory-installed tyres, shocks, brakes, spark plugs, wires and drive belts! Outside of regular maintenance, this car has needed no real attention. All electronics work perfectly (even the 8 track), the interior is as-new, and that 500 CID monster has a smooth, muted roar that I can't help but love. Near-as-dammit to $200 to fill, but once you get comfy in that gorgeous leather seat, you just don't care...

A slight run-in with the California DMV meant I ended up with the Certificate of Title sent back to me here in New Zealand with my NZ address on it!! It now lives in a picture frame with the original blue-and-yellow CA plate beside it :-)

The car can be seen here - http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3020129

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Review Date: 6th July, 2008

1984 Cadillac DeVille 4-door Sedan 4.1 litre Digital Fuel Injecti


Magnificent comfort, but could use more power


Air conditioning compressor replaced three months after purchase.

Alternator replaced two years after purchase.

Throttle Position Sensor and Coolant Temperature Sensor have been replaced.

General Comments:

I hear lots of stories about the unreliability of the HT4100. I've done around 75,000 miles since I bought it in almost five years, and it is still smooth and trouble-free. Maybe this is because I change the oil every 3,000 miles and the coolant every year, and use the all-important coolant tablets in the radiator.

This is the most comfortable car I've ever owned, and its only drawback is the lack of power. I drive it daily, and thus it has to be reliable. As most of my driving is in peak-hour traffic, comfort is more important than raw power, so it suits the purpose.

Power leather seats, climate control, and all the usual Cadillac options make this car a real pleasure to drive. If/when the motor does eventually fail, I intend replacing the motor and keeping this car.

Considering the weight of the car, fuel economy is surprisingly good. The digital fuel injection is faultless and a credit to General Motors.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2002

6th Jun 2010, 07:56

I have an '84 Caddy 4.1 liter Sedan Deville too. It is really a very reliable and trouble free car. It gets around 17 mpg fuel consumption and is a very comfy car to drive. Mine has around 116,000 miles. Repairs have been few and inexpensive for me. I have a high opinion of it.

I am now having the 2nd occurrence of climate control trouble. The blower will not turn on even though the compressor cycles. I found out that the climate control is not longer available either in new or re-manufactured version. I am currently looking to rig a switch to operate the blower, in the hopes that this will work the air, defog, and heat when needed.

Appears that ground is switched to the blower fan when the climate control calls for it. Battery is always applied full time, even with the ignition switch turned off. So a switched ground may do the trick for me. Anyone out there know of a supplier for original climate control head units for this car?