2003 Citroen C3 Pluriel 1.6L


Love this car


The car has the usual "delay" sometimes at corners or roundabouts, or when starting up on car park ramps.

- Initial dealer response was to download the latest software - no fix.

- At the next service, the advice from the dealer was that the car was meant to be driven in manual mode around town - no fix, and still had the same problem in manual mode sometimes.

- Next service, it was ticked as fixed, and seems to happen far less now. What I have noticed is that the car holds its gears to higher speeds now, but not to the extent that it seems to be over-revving or increasing fuel consumption. In fact it appears to have all the attributes of a car running in "sports" mode, so I suspect they have changed the calibration of the gearbox in some way.

Problem with air bag warning light coming on.

- Dealer fix was to reconnect the seat sensor under the passenger seat.

- Within 500 ks the light was back on, and since then seems to be fixed when my taller husband drives the car, and thumps the seat down to its lowest height. The problem comes back a few days later however.

Central locking will not lock sometimes

- Dealer response is must be near a mobile tower which is rubbish as it isn't and does and does not lock at same place on different days

- Next excuse was maybe the central computer was a bit hot sometimes

- I suspect a faulty sensor, which seems to be in the rear hatch area

- Would not be a huge inconvenience, except Australian models still have key door lock on the left side (passenger side)

No problems with leaks as reported by others; even when washed with a high pressure washer.

General Comments:

Few minor niggles, but love this car.

The orange color, combined with personalised plates mean that everybody recognises my wife and her car, and the number of people who wave or call out to her is amazing.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2007

4th Oct 2007, 18:53

Just adding to original review.

Still no fix to any of the problems above even after another service.

Warranty expired on Sunday (3 years and 24K kms)

Monday - power steering quit for half an hour, luckily in drive and not on road, but wife could not even turn the wheel enough to get into the garage.

Friday - starter refused to operate for half an hour even though lights went on and radio started when ignition key turned.

Both problems seemed to self correct.

4th Apr 2010, 14:40

For remote locking problems, read the comment here by moon the loon: