2009 Citroen Dispatch turbo diesel




- 40000kms, all new brake rotors and pads all round, $2000.

- 60000kms, new front CV joints, cost $3000.

- Average service cost $700.

- Dealer wanted to replace wiper blades at 40000 for a cost of $250.

- 90000kms new clutch, cost $1600.

- Nothing is covered by warranty, as they are wear and tear items. Unfortunately the van cannot take any wear & tear.

General Comments:

- Engine, power & economy are very good

- Central locking system is a pain in the butt when you are in and out of the car

- These are very well thought out delivery vehicles, but the reliability is terrible for a commercial vehicle, and the cost of parts in Australia is a joke.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2010

9th Dec 2010, 07:51

Your dealer is ripping you off. The wiper's price in France is about $35.

27th Mar 2012, 03:43

We have a 2009 Citroen Dispatch. Nothing but trouble.

Electronic windows repaired twice, brakes recalled, power steering went - dealer claimed it got wet and rusted, we had to pay a $2685.00 to repair.

Both headlights blew at the same time, globes replaced 4 times, clutch plays up, fuel pump replaced, turbo gone twice, complete fuel lines replaced from tank to engine. On the road for 2 days in the past 5 weeks for this, even though they had a diesel specialist state there was nothing wrong with fuel pump.

This car is a nightmare. We have paid out $2500.00 for hire car to keep our business running. Tried to trade the car and was offered $7000.00. Dealer not willing to replace or refund, so in the process of seeking legal advice. Any one with similar problems, please let us know, as we have found several in the UK.

30th Jan 2013, 03:00

My friend sign wrote his van with all faults; three fly wheels in 6 months etc, and parked it at the main dealers... Within 1 week they gave him a full refund.

Try it, I'm sure it'll push them to help a bit more.

20th May 2013, 06:39

Had similar problems. Worn brake pads, no warning, cost of new discs + pads, 20,000 miles, not picked up in service.

New clutch at 40,000 miles, shaft was dry, very little grease applied in factory noted by repairer. Had it from new, and had never gone through an MOT without cost of some sort.

Not impressed. Warranty? What warranty?

Air bags failed to go of in a bad accident. Anyone else had this problem?

28th Feb 2018, 13:15

Those are rip off prices. I could replace all the brakes for around £200 excluding labour. Windscreen wiper how much? Can't you fit one yourself?