1998 Daihatsu Sirion M100 1.0 3 cylinder


Surprisingly quick and super efficient


When I bought it the left passenger power window control switch had already been broken, resulting in it feeling completely loose and causing the left passenger window to go down randomly whilst driving. Cost to repair was $160 Australian dollars.

The left passenger speaker was also broken, not really an issue as I replaced the sound system.

General Comments:

The Daihatsu Sirion's specs on paper are less than impressive - 40.5kW @ 5200rpm / 88Nm @ 3600rpm however with fuel prices being $1.30 - $1.40 in Sydney I thought I should at least give one a test drive. I ended up buying a manual Sirion with 112000 km for $4500 Australian dollars.

I was pleasantly surprised. Although only 1.0 litre it has has EFI and DOHC and since it does not have that much to carry it easily holds it's own in traffic. Even with 4 adults in the car it is difficult to see any difference in performance compared to driving alone. Low range torque however is lacking - starting on very steep hills was unnerving when I first bought it, but some nighttime practice has made it easy enough now. But generally it is quick and goes hard - it almost keeps up with my brother's '91 automatic 3rd gen Prelude.

I am 185cm (6ft) tall guy and find headroom to be fine, though anyone taller may find legroom lacking. I comfortably drive with the driver's seat pushed half way towards the back, though my left thigh touches the steering wheel slightly when bringing the clutch to its fairly high friction point. Doesn't bother me as most of the cars I've driven have been on the smaller side.

Cabin comfort is nice - comfy seats, lots of velour, and feels secure. The ride can be bumpy on rough roads, which you expect from a small car.

Power steering is an option on this car and mine doesn't have it. Bit of a shock moving from the Prelude's power assisted 4 wheel steer to the Sirion, however I'm either used to it or my arms have become stronger :) Being a light car it makes no difference at over 20kph - it actually feels really nimble, but when taking a roundabout slowly or when parking you're going to use your arms more than with power steering.

The stock sound system is terrible - two poor quality speakers in the front and a tape deck, but at that price it is to be expected. I have had a pioneer head unit, 6.5" split speakers installed in the front and 6.5" speakers installed on the top of the boot behind the rear seats - no problems at all and it sounds fantastic.

Fuel efficiency is one major reason to go for this car - a full tank is 30 litres and I've been getting 500km per tank, that's city driving with no motorways etc, and I don't exactly drive gently.

Not many cars in this market segment have 4 doors, nor do they have decent crash ratings from the NRMA (the motoring association in NSW). The Sirion has both, and has dual air bags.

Stock theft protection is non-existent - not even an immobiliser. I've had an immobiliser and alarm package and remote central locking installed for $470.

Basically I love this car - it's fun to drive and amazingly cheap to run and aren't expensive to purchase. But no power steering or air con on some models (like mine) may take getting used to for some people - try before you buy is the best advice.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2006

22nd Mar 2010, 22:33

40 litre fuel tank. Having run one from new for 254,000km, you can expect somewhere between 600 and 850km from a tank of juice (the last figure on a trip from Melbourne to Sydney with a stiff tailwind - completed on one tank of fuel).

Average fuel economy 5.2l/100km. Completely reliable except for a busted engine mount ($60 for a new one) through abuse (a 1st gear dumped clutch on a crap section of road).

Brilliant car. One set of Michelin XM1's ($523 fitted balanced and aligned for 4 tyres) has lasted me 96,000km.

Bulletproof reliability, cheap as chips to run, more front seat space than a Ford Falcon, but crap seats. I'd buy another tomorrow if they still made them.

25th Jul 2011, 22:23

I have had my 1999 Toyota Duet, which is apparently a Daihatsu Sirion. In eight years, I haven't spent a bean on it, except for the odd brake pad. I find it a great little car, and super economical.

I am having trouble with the electric driver's window, which has a ghostly mind of its own, and goes up and down when it pleases!

I would buy another one of these cars in an instant; no problems.

29th Nov 2014, 23:59

"..broken left side power window..cost me $160.."

Totally agree with the author that these cars very rarely break down, and if they break down, I go to a self-service wrecker (I won't mention details, so my comment is not considered to be an ad) and get whatever I need for $5. I also needed a window switch and it cost me $2, yes, TWO dollars. Flicking the old one out and new one in is a matter of not even a minute, but 20 seconds.

1998 Daihatsu Sirion 1.0 petrol


A fully-optioned reliable car available at an old-car price


The Airbag light came on intermittently when I bought it. The dealer sent it to Daihatsu to have the computer re-set and the problem never came back.

Other than that nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

I purchased my 1.0 litre Daihatsu Sirion as my previous car (Mitsubishi Lancer) was worn out and drinking too much gas - and gas was becoming quite expensive.

From the first time I filled the Sirion's tank (for only $33) I was impressed. Not only did I get 560km out of that tankful, I did it with the aircon going constantly and driving at a normal brisk pace with other city/suburban traffic.

For a such a tiny 3 cylinder engine the performance is very good. Stay away from the automatic models even if you really love autos (as I do) as they rob the car of 20 to 30% of the available power. It's a little extra work to drive, but believe me, buy the manual version!

The engines in these cars have been known to power along for well over 300,000km even when neglected. If you keep it serviced and all the joints lubricated (as I do) then you'll have years of trouble free, incredibly CHEAP motoring!

For such a cheap car the interior has a lot of fabric in it. My lancer had partial-vinyl seats, vinyl doors and grey plastic everywhere else. The Sirion however has carpet everywhere and patterned fabric on all the doors.

When it's rainy and cold stuck at the lights the Sirion is a surprisingly inviting car inside for the value.

As for driving in the 38 Degree+ Queensland summer, the air conditioning is good. Powerful for a small car although it does take it's share out of the available power.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2005