1979 Datsun 120Y


Nice car


The radio goes on and then stops. The fuel meter went dead.

General Comments:

It runs good, is cheap on fuel and it looks good.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2002

8th Dec 2002, 16:41

This car sounds like its the bomb, and I wish I had it for myself as I am very jealous now!! I'll pay you a lot of money for this car I NEED IT BAD!!

8th Dec 2002, 16:44

By the sound of it, it is a good car.

1979 Datsun 120Y 1.2 petrol


Honest utterly reliable transport


Only once in 20 years did it fail to proceed. In this case it was a failed alternator not charging the battery. Other things that have gone wrong are:

In the 1980's.

It started to run rough once, but turned out to be a high tension lead that had come off a spark plug.

Another period of rough running was traced to a full petrol filter.

Front wheel bearing and brakes shoes replaced due to wear.

New headlight.

New radiator, due to rust.

In the 1990's.

Had an engine recondition (new rings and bearings, clutch) at 145,000km (never ran quite as sweet after that).

Gearbox whine developed due to leaking front seal, so we just filled it back up.

Positions 1 and 2 of the interior fan stopped working.

Car laid up for 4 years (I went overseas).

In the new millennium.

New thermostat and battery, probably due to being idle for 4 years, then off it went.

New front radius arm bushes so the wheels could be aligned (improved the turn in no end!).

Rear gearbox seal replaced (still haven't bothered about the front one).

Rust removed from the rear wheel arch and above the C pillar of the wagon.

New headlight ($30).

Water has just started getting into the combustion chambers via the head gasket. Head to be planned and new gasket to be fitted.

Garage says I need new seat belts for the next warrant!

General Comments:

Amazingly reliable (only once failing to get me home in 20 years says it all).

Hardly anything ever goes wrong.

Very simple to work on. Lots of engine bay space, no electronics.

Very cheap and easy to get parts for.

Wagon is extremely useful.

Getting on now, past its best by date. Things starting to let go.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2001