1991 Fiat Tempra SX I.E. 1.8 petrol inj.


Original, reliable, good looking


Oil leaks. Not of major concern. A usual Fiat problem so don't worry if you've got it.

I bought it with a snapped wiper which I need to replace, cheap to replace though, c.50USD.

General Comments:

Very rare in NZ. I'm sick of Japanese cars, not cos they're all bad, because they are all the same crap design.

Because your car is different you want to look after it more. Fast, big interior, galvanized so no rust whatsoever. No complaints, love the car.

Only paid $4000NZ (2kUSD). Excellent condition.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th October, 2002

13th Feb 2004, 15:46


Other windscreen wiper broke off while on motorway.. I'm sure I can be sued if that hit someone. $100NZD.

Main fuel line cracking - spotted by mechanic. $70.

3x central locking faults. Not fixed - $100 +

Driver window electrics replaced. $150.

Central muffler replaced. $200.

Engine thermostat for injection system replaced. $300.

Radiator leaked - in the city. Whole radiator replaced. $500.

Rear brake cylinders leaked - replaced along with subsequently damaged rear brake pads. $450.

Front left tyre constantly wear faster than the rest even after alignment.

Knocking sound at front due to damaged bushes - $250.

Exterior rubber trim not fitting properly - no leaks yet.

Car graunches into 3rd if engaged too fast.

Reverse gear is unwilling.

'Economy' light on dash no longer going.

I often find random spings/screws at my feet...


15th Oct 2009, 02:11

I got my one cheap as chips, and was very happy with it. Nothing at all went wrong with it, although I replaced the rear locks which weren't locking on the C locking. It went well. A sublime chassis I'd have to say. Super accurate steering, with load of feedback. A few oil leaks including one that sporadically dropped onto the exhaust resulting in an oil burning smell. In the end I sold it as it was surplus to requirements. Would love to try an Alfa 155, which is essentially the same car. That extra 45 bhp from the 2L twin spark would make this a very tasty car indeed..