1982 Ford Bronco 351


I'm sorry I sold it really. Buyer beware due to age and cost of fuel!


New engine put in the vehicle soon after purchasing it (I knew it would need them as it was so old).

After the new engine, the transmission blew up... that cost me far too much too replace.

Put the vehicle on LPG... averaged about 10-15 mpg. Not expensive to run at the time... would be more so now of course.

They need good wet weather tires, as they can be skittish in the wet.

I query the strength of the cabin in a roll over and the potential for a roll over due to it being kind of top heavy.

Rear seats were lap seat belts only.

General Comments:

I do not believe that my family would have left our previous residence had it not been for this truck. I estimate that in moving house it did some 50 fully laden trips of various kinds.

The Bronco is, simply, a beast of burden. Expensive to run but reliable when restored properly.

My kids loved it. Great view from the back, and until recently had believed we had owned a "TONKA MONSTER TRUCK".

As a 4WD it was THE ultimate. This surprised me actually, it would go ANYWHERE. I do mean ANYWHERE.

A great vehicle if you can justify costs of running and the harm to the environment.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 15th September, 2008