Ford Escort reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Escort GLX 1.6 Zetec

Very good buy, cheap when new, and cheap to run

91 words


Escort Ghia 1.8L Zetec

Wonderful European engineering

187 words

Escort CX 1.6 petrol

A no frills, fairly economical and reliable runabout, if slightly underpowered

106 words, 2 comments


Escort RS2000 2.0L Pinto SOHC

A real classic little beast that gives the big cars a run for their money

129 words, 1 comment

Escort L 1.3

A recommended choice..

708 words

Escort GL Mk2 2.0

A fun car, but ready for the workshop or the wrecking yard

403 words

Escort RS 2000 2lt Pinto

Unique looking 70s classic

37 words

Escort L 1.3 petrol

A faithful workhorse just about ready to retire

250 words

Escort GL 1.6 petrol

A fun car to drive and also a piece of rally racing history

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Escort 1.6 GL mk2 1.6

For $600 off a elderly couple, it's a bargain and a half

219 words


Escort Ghia 2.0

This is the last car I will ever buy and I'm 24, I love the bloody thing

997 words


Escort rs2000 2.0

Handles great

50 words, 3 comments