1971 Ford Galaxie 500 351 V8


Elegant and robust at the same time!


Nothing wrong with the car so far..

General Comments:

Very nice and comfortable to drive. Love it.. the car is completely stock, in mint exterior and interior. Only thing I replaced was the ignition, I upgraded to Pertronix II and had it tuned and dyno tested. MPG at present is around 15, 16 open highway. I only drive the car to work (99% highway) Mileage in city must be lower..

The reason I bought and imported to car to New Zealand was simple: Mike Stone and Steve Keller from "Streets of San Francisco" drove a 4 door sedan and I always liked the shape (mine is a 2dr)

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Review Date: 26th August, 2009

21st Sep 2009, 09:19

Are you the same guy who was selling that '71 2-door for a while? I guess there can't be all that many U.S. Fords in NZ. I saw a video, and it is an awesome car. I had a '71 4-door hardtop that I had from '73 to '77. I took it across the U.S. twice... no problems. I really liked that car and wish I had it back right now.

I didn't watch Streets of San Francisco that much, but I did watch Hawaii 5-0, and it was very similar to McGarrett's Mercury.

23rd Sep 2009, 15:38

Yep, that is correct!!! How small the world is... Now that I keep the car and summer is approaching down under, it is even nicer to cruise.. Thanks for your comment. Steve McGarrett's Mercury Parklane is awesome. I wish..!