1986 Ford Laser 1.3 petrol


Cheap and reliable transportation


Erratic starting, fixed by the addition of a solenoid (?) (85k).

CV boots replaced (85k and 90k).

No engine repairs since new.

No transmission work since new.

One rear brake cylinder replaced (80k).

General Comments:

This car has been in the family since new, so I know the history.

It's been extremely reliable since new.

It's underpowered and has no power steering.

It buzzes along happily at typical highway speeds, and is very much a fuel miser.

For a small car it is roomy and comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2013

1986 Ford Laser LV 1.3


Good wee car


A few bolts came loose (Nothing bad)

Battery Starting to die.

Thats all really, and to me that's very good since the cars nearly 20 years old.

General Comments:

This car is my very first car I have owned since I'm only 16.

It has be a very very very good little car however it's not a hoons car. Pretty slow infact.

The inside is very comfortable and very roomy for a little car.

It is very good on petrol which is good since the petrol has just gone up here a lot.

I would recommend this car to anyone who is just starting out to drive.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2005

14th May 2007, 08:47

I have a little laser and it's a blast. I go everywhere with it... what can I say I have big plans for mine maybe I will show you when I'm finished... heinrich from south africa.

1986 Ford Laser TX3 1.6 Efi


Underated Beast in Disguise


Alternator died.

New globes in front right indicator and high beam light.

General Comments:

A really good car and great to throw around due to its light weight. Interior is a bit drab, but very tight and neat. Will flog any commodore through the hills :-D.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2004

1986 Ford Laser TX3 1.6 efi


A great cheap sporty run about


I replaced the clutch at 258000km, and the ignition module at approximately 320000.

General Comments:

My TX3 is the best car I have ever owned, other than tyree`s, brakes and the timing belt (which should be changed every 100000km) it has cost me no money, and it has really comfortable seats.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2004

1986 Ford Laser GL 1.3


Cheap little runabout


Previous owner told me the engine was reconditioned approx eight months prior to me purchasing it, and there have been no engine-specific problems.

Alternator needed replacing at 225000km. This was quite expensive to repair at $250.

CV boot replaced at 235000km. The part itself is very cheap, however the mechanic we used charged quite high to replace it.

Transmission also stopped working at 235000km. This was able to be repaired for $750.

General Comments:

Despite repairs that have cost more than anticipated and caught me off-guard, I really like the car.

The hatchback design has been great on numerous occasions especially moving house.

The other big factor that was a plus for us was the amount of cabin room and even room in the back seats. I'm 5'11" and my husband 6'2" and there is plenty of room for either of us to drive this car.

It's cheap to run, though struggles with more than two occupants and when going up hills.

Most of the things that have had to be repaired are due to either general wear and tear or can be attributed to the car's age - almost 20 years!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2004

1986 Ford Laser GL 1.6 SOHC


The clutch broke at 140000, however it was relatively cheap to fix.

The alternator stopped working at 150000 and being a Mitsubishi part it cost quite a lot to fix.

The module inside of the distributer tends to fail regularly. This part is $100 Australian dollars new. (Hint go to a self serve wrecker and get one out of a laser there).

General Comments:

I did not want to get a laser when my father wanted to get me a run-about car. However in the two years I have owned it I have grown to love it.

There were many KC lasers made and as a result there are loads of parts that are cheap and easy to find.

The running costs (general repairs, servicing, fuel consumption, tires, registration and insurance) are all so cheap!

For an economical car of its age the laser has a reasonably gutsy engine, however it struggles when more than two people are in the car.

An unbeatable first car!

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004