1998 Ford Mondeo GLX hatchback 2.0


One of the overall best cars I have ever owned


Radio earth loose.

Rear wiper assembly fault.

Tires wear unevenly.

General Comments:

A sun roof and a set of mag wheels would really set this car off.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2001

21st Jul 2001, 21:49

I have a 98 2l auto LX. It has had a very noisy rear end for over 2 yrs, (I bought it at 5800klms (now 40,000) and have had it serviced according to hbook rules. Dealer continuously stated road noise is standard, but admitted brake noise was there but said Ford have issued a fix which does not work. Car usually carries 2 people, and when carrying 5 (3 adult + 2minors,12yr and 8yr) severe rear end noise occurred and rear tyres were scalloped on the inside tread. Complained to Ford who state dealer Service Manager is their personal rep and he's right, they're satisfied that car "performs to specification",that could mean bad spec if the North American findings mean anything. Diffen tyres found alignment way out on rear, reset it, put 2 Chinese MAXXIS on it and it's now quiet apart from brakes screech and I think sometimes binding - Racq says brakes bind and develop sticky resin. I am persisting with Ford although I think they are refusing to perform warranty and have obtained a sale to me by a false pretence.

12th Sep 2001, 06:35

The rear wheel alignment is adjustable via eccentric cams. The arms seem to move to the max adjustment (at least they were on the 94 LX estate with 81k miles I have just purchased). I am watching what happens the new tyres now fitted. Possibly mark the eccentric cam position when you have adjusted them.