2004 Ford Mondeo 1.8 petrol


I'm looking to buy another one here in Australia


Partner blew the motor up by not servicing and driving without oil at 156,000.

General Comments:

She sure does get up and dance when called upon.

Very comfortable; 11 hours, and didn't feel at all stiff.

Put the front seat back and slept in it; not the most comfortable, but acceptable.

Smooth gear shift.

Good interior lighting.

Good headlights.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2012

12th Jul 2012, 01:37

Good luck finding one of those in Australia; this model is the only Mondeo that wasn't sold here new. I've only ever seen one of them here in Queensland, and it was at the BP between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It had Team Nissan dealer stickers on it, which is an Auckland based car dealer I believe, so it would've been brought in used from NZ.

Lovely cars; it's a shame we didn't have those here when they were new.

2004 Ford Mondeo Base model 2.0 Duratec petrol


Ideal work hack/family hauler that doesn't attract thieves or police


Slight coolant leak around waterpump area noted 1 month after private purchase.

Thermostat failed recently (Jun 09). Non-genuine replacement part not an option in New Zealand, $440nz for a genuine Ford replacement! The design of this component appears to be a money making attempt; thermostat assembly consists of metal spring/valve secured by plastic housing, which also incorporates the temp sensor. As the thermostat is routed between radiator & engine inlet (lower hose), had I not addressed this fault sooner, the metal valve & spring could well have caused extensive damage to waterpump impeller... I wouldn't expect change for $700nz+ for a waterpump!

General Comments:

Generally a good reliable car, economical although parts are expensive & non-genuine alternatives are not plentiful.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2009