2005 Ford Territory tx 4.0L


Must have, would like to upgrade to a ghia


It has a water problem in the drivers side headlight and remote side mirrors have stopped working, has to be taken back to dealer.

General Comments:

A pleasure to drive, comfortable, plus plenty of drink holders {10} if you are the thirsty type.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2006

2005 Ford Territory Ghia AWD 4.0L petrol


In all a well finished car which more than suits my needs


AccuTrack Stability control activating intermittently.

Driver's window jamming down - sinced fixed with some form of modification.

Rear hatch leak.

Exhaust came loose at the manifold.

General Comments:

My biggest gripe with this vehicle is the performance of the AccuTrack stability control. This will activate randomly when in right hand sweeping corners - without braking, or excessive speed. The result is that the car lurches to the left as stability control kicks in - very alarming when it occurs. I solve this by disabling the AccuTrack when on long journeys (achieved by pressing the dash button for one second). I understand that this problem will be fixed by loading "de-sensitised" software and a modified gyroscope sensor. Ford will advise once the fix is available.

I am one of four Territory drivers based in Napier, NZ who are complaining of this problem.

Since taking delivery of the vehicle in March 2005, I have driven 40,000km and find it a comfortable vehicle to travel the long journeys that I take.

The fuel consumption on 91 octane is around 14 litres / 100 km. I suppose that's the price you pay for driving a heavy and large vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2005

19th Feb 2006, 14:57

Hello again,

An update on the performance of this vehicle:

Drivers-side window has jammed down a second time (despite Ford's modifications being fitted on the first occasion!)

Exhaust has come loose at the manifold on two separate occasions... sounds like a tractor when this occurs!

One year down the track, I am still waiting on the AccuTrak modification. The local Ford agents advise that the vehicles which have this problem are being being addressed on an exchange basis. I.e. a kit is being dispatched with new sensors and desensitised software - apparently they only have a handful of kits to go around, hence the delays in addressing all of the cars with this problem.

The most recent problem is some pretty serious "clunking" going on in the back end when travelling at low speed and transiting from coasting to acceleration.

This car is rapidly loosing it's appeal, given the repeated visits to the service agents for problems (two of which have occurred twice!)

My previous 3 cars have been Holden Commodores & whilst there were some problems, nothing on the scale of this vehicle.

2004 Ford Territory Ghia 4.0 straight 6 petrol


Superb, practical and fun to drive


The only problems have been user error, my wife knocked the passenger side mirror off and made me promise not to tell anyone!

The only downside to this car is the fuel consumption which averages around 15 l/100km, probably not excessive for a 2.2 Tonne SUV.

General Comments:

This is the most practical family car that we have ever owned.

It is big safe, and handles better than most cars - you have to be seriously insane to get the stability control to kick in!

The 7 seats were the main reason for buying it.

Inside it is so practical and well designed, plenty of cup holders and compartments - even a rubbish bin that you can stick in the dishwasher.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2005

2004 Ford Territory TX 4.0 INLINE 6


The best Ford produced in recent years with some state of the art design


There is a bit of a list; Coolant leak at rear of water pump, oil leak from sump gasket, squeak from left front side on take off, car pulled left, door trim damaged, window would not wind up and brakes grinding when cold.

General Comments:

I am impressed with the power, handling, comfort, and overall performance. The fuel economy is becoming a real issue with prices on the increase (we get 13.4 to 14.7l/100km around town and got 11.4l/100km on a trip) it costs us $80 a week to run this car and we get about 500 to 560km per tank. Obviously we have had some dramas with repairs, but the car is still a superb vehicle to drive. The interior design is excellent, but quality could be better. We have now done over 21,000km since November 04. I probably would buy another one when you look at what else is out there.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2005