1975 Hillman Avenger 1600 TC 1.6 Twin carb


Revenge of the Avenger


The car was a complete piece of crap from the word go. The twin carbs were always out of tune, and were running too rich; it made it smell like a petrol refinery. The handling was really terrible.

I got sick of the strong petrol smell and out of tune carbs, and fitted it with a single carb.

The manifold didn't fit right, and made it sound like a tractor.

It didn't decrease the fuel consumption. After four months of crawling around town, the car died, and I sold it for $50.00 NZ to a car dealer. I celebrated.

General Comments:

The car was originally fitted with a vinyl roof, which was rotten. I pulled it off and repainted the car, which made it look a bigger piece of crap.

The performance was particularly bad; 0 to 60 in two minutes

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Review Date: 18th July, 2008

23rd Apr 2010, 01:59

It beggars belief why you bought it in the first place!?

4th Jun 2010, 02:07

You probably could have got more than that if you just sold it for parts. I have one, and it's only a pain in the backside not knowing what is going to go wrong next.

19th Jul 2010, 16:21

I agree with the comment above. Why buy a 19 year old car and expect it to be perfect??

29th Aug 2010, 15:43

Might have just been yours, mine is fine apart from not knowing what's going to go wrong next.

Apart from that, it doesn't smell like a petrol refinery?? And it's a 1975.

29th Aug 2013, 05:15

I have memories of the station wagon version of this Avenger, and not good ones. It was not a bad looking car, but the gearbox and clutch were heavy work, the handling poor, the interior fit and finish poor, and it broke down all the time, ruining many an outing with the family. Then Dad bought a Honda and things got a lot better!