2005 Holden Astra Equipe 1.8 fuel injected


The Astra is a lemon


Every few months, the car develops a fault that causes the car to be dangerous to drive. The car will suddenly lose power, so you could be doing 80km p/hr and the car will suddenly drop back to 20km p/hr. The car has stalled several times while going around corners. I can get into the car and the engine just rev's really high, but the accelerator does not respond. Holden have had 6 attempts to fix this, and have failed every time.

Every Astra owner that I have spoken with have not been happy with the vehicle because of faults. I would not recommend buying an Astra to anyone.

General Comments:

Don't ever buy an Astra, they have too many faults.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

4th May 2010, 08:57

That's a shame; I would as mine is excellent...

21st Jun 2010, 06:06

But it's a Holden, how can it be bad?

(that was sarcasm)

24th Jun 2010, 06:03

They were lemons when they came out of the factory and they don't improve with age! I suffered a similar attitude from Holden.

4th May 2013, 22:55

Strange comment? All Holden did was add a Holden badge! The Astra is made in Germany by Opel.

As of 2013 you can buy an Astra (once again) in Australia, but now under the 'real' Opel brand.

2005 Holden Astra AH 1.8


Cheap to run, but a waste of money


Had an oil leak 6 months after buying it.

Front tyres have been replaced; they were wearing on the inside like they're not sitting right.

Dead spot when put into second gear.

General Comments:

Yeah, the car's OK, but I can't wait to sell it; everything on it is so expensive to fix.

A new pair of wipers; you can't just go down to the car shop and buy some. $91.40 for a pair of blades, which is ridiculous.

It runs good, and it gets me from A to B, but I now wish I'd saved my money.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2007

15th Jul 2007, 23:58

Well, the car driven is very well with good handling. but I still have a few problems with it, such as squeaky front brakes, rattling inside especially in winter, and high pitch noise from under the bonnet driving over 60 km/h.

8th Aug 2007, 17:23

To the original reviewer, how can the car be cheap to run if the parts needed to do so cost too much?

26th Sep 2007, 22:37

Cheap to run meaning fuel very cheap on fuel. It still runs when not using window wipers!!!

5th Dec 2008, 00:55

Mate $91 for wiper blade refills is cheap now, I was just quoted $115. Bloody rip off!

9th Feb 2010, 00:40

Wiper blades refills; maybe the place you went to is ripping you off. I got some refills for under $15 for the pair. And the squeaky brakes; you should buy some anti squeak, or get the brake pads checked.

As for the high pitch under the hood; maybe it needs a service or someone to have a look at.

4th May 2013, 22:43

Get Bosch wiper blade refills, about $15...

24th Jul 2014, 00:30

I had the same problem with the wipers; quoted $80 for replacement when only the rubbers were deteriorated. Went to Cheap as Chips and purchased a complete wiper arm for $5, and it was easily adapted. It's still in use after almost two years.

2005 Holden Astra CD Equipe 1.8Ltr


Smooth, Sexy and Generally a great package


At this stage not a thing has gone wrong with the car. Being a brand new car, I would be surprised if anything does go wrong in the first years.

The only fault I have has been covered by other posted comments, is the hardness of the seats, but they are starting to soften up.

General Comments:

I have never purchased a brand new car so I had researched a couple of different options. I had spoken with a number of people, who all own Astra's, and all had glowing comments.

I went for the factory 17 inch alloys, lower body kit and tinted windows. The car certainly looks the part in Black Sapphire Du-co.

I have bookmarked the page so I can comeback as the car ages and post more comments.

Thank you

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Review Date: 15th August, 2005

2nd Feb 2012, 07:57

To the reviewer.

How is it going now? I am thinking of purchasing a second hand Astra Classic. Are you still pleased with yours?

2005 Holden Astra CDX 1.8 Ecotech


Practical and attractive, but not especially sporty


Car pulled heavily left from the day I received it.

Wheels weren't properly balanced, which required an unscheduled visit to the Service dept.

Radio has some un-identifiable volume issues. Randomly loses volume or treble, which is remedied by selecting a different station or track.

Rear passenger lights occasionally refuse to turn on.

General Comments:

The car looks fantastic and really stands out from every other car on the road.

Interior trim quality is extremely high in quality, but not very well laid out.

Trip computer and radio controls take some getting used to, and even then are not particularly user friendly.

Handling is impressive, however the car could use a 2.0L or 2.2L engine to handle its hefty weight.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2005

4th May 2013, 22:48

The stereo in my 2005 TS Astra is 'speed sensitive' by design.

As you go past about 70km/hr the volume increases. This is user adjustable. Slowing down, the volume decreases.

Not sure if that's what you are experiencing?