HZ Premier Wagon 350 Chev

Excellent, very reliable

52 words

HZ Ute 202

Built like a tank, as comfy as a lounge suite

387 words, 3 comments

HZ SL 202

A comfortable cruiser

172 words

HZ SL Wagon 4.2 litre V8

A real head-turner...

60 words

HZ Premier S/W HSV GTS 220kw

A really awesome example of "RetroTech"

219 words, 1 comment

HZ 3.3

As cheap as they come and the best they come

194 words


HZ Kingswood SL 3.3 Litre

Very good value for money vehicle

128 words

HZ GTS Monaro 350 Chevrolet

A high performance machine

158 words

HZ SX 202

Was, is, and always will be, an Australian icon

218 words

HZ Kingswood SL 253ci V8

Don't touch one with a 10 foot pole

46 words, 12 comments

HZ Kingswood 4.2 L V8

Strong as a rock Aussie v8. Riceburner killer

77 words, 14 comments


HZ Premier 253 V8

An Undeserving Aussie Icon

555 words, 1 comment

HZ SL 4.2L V8

An economical, great-looking powerhouse

118 words

HZ 3.3 Litre

This car rules

152 words

HZ 308

She's an orgasm on wheels!!!!

47 words