2001 Holden Vectra CD JS2 2.6


Plenty of car for your money


Head gasket.

Heater problems.

Computer problems.

General Comments:

I bought my Vectra for my first car for a bargain price for $5500au with a low 11600kms on the Odo.

Not long after, I had a few engine problems, but the car hadn't been serviced in over 3 years, so I did expect a few things to go wrong. Surely enough they did, and I admit the costs are a bit over the top compared to a Commodore.

It's an extremely comfy sports car with plenty of extras, such as heater mirrors, fog lights, and sports mode, which makes it feel more like a V8 at times.

There are some squeaks in the front cabin, but I'm assured it's nothing mechanical.

Great 1st car; bigger and more powerful than an Astra, but not as thirsty as a Commodore. Would definitely buy another Vectra.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2010

2001 Holden Vectra CD 2.2


A complete disappointment. I would have expected more from Holden


DO NOT BUY A HOLDEN VECTRA. This was the biggest mistake of my life. Overheated and cracked the engine block. When I tried to source a second hand engine, guess what? There are none out there because this is a common problem with this model. So I see a lot of cars for sale for parts with cooked engines. Look on the bright side, if you need a new panel or whatever, you shouldn't have any problem there.

OK, this car was made in Germany so you would have thought it was quality right? Well apparently I heard they did not get the composition right for the engine block, so when they overheat they cannot handle the jandal. So with that if you like a good walk from where ever, by all means go ahead and buy one.

General Comments:

All the mods and cons for a car of its time. Not too bad when it is going.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2009

25th May 2013, 08:35

Question. How much for a 2001 Holden Vectra CD 2.2 liter?

2001 Holden Vectra CD 2.4 4 cylinder


Really nice, but really not looking forward to the price of upkeep!


Just got from auctions last week, only to find out it needed $2000 work done for the Roadworthy Cert... Really wish I had checked this website first!

General Comments:

Definitely the flashest car I've owned yet.

Interior is lovely, engine is bigger and tougher, and best thing of all is I only paid $4500 for it!

Smooth ride and it overtakes going up hills! Something I'm definitely not used to!

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Review Date: 28th September, 2009

30th Sep 2009, 04:48

Make sure you get the timing belt checked/changed as they need replacing every 50-60,000 k's. Good luck with it, you'll need it.

2001 Holden Vectra CD 2.6


Great car, just expensive to maintain


At 59,000 km Heater control valve replaced.

At 80,000 km Dashboard globes replaced.

At 80,000 km Re-circulation button replaced (LED blown).

At 80,000 km Windscreen washer pump replaced / unblocked squirters (due to poor stream of water).

At 96,000 km New ignition barrel, key gets stuck in hot weather.

Driver's seat creaks.

Rear suspension creaks - faulty rose bushes (common fault)

Rear passenger electric window - auto up / down feature doesn't work.

Radio turns on full blast during the winter months in the morning.

General Comments:

This car is a quick and economical car (6.6 l/100km highway & 9.0 l/100km city)

However replacement parts are so damn expensive. To save big bucks, buy replacement parts in the UK.

Servicing the car is ridiculous, not only the price but the accessibility of parts due to being a V6 makes it difficult to replace parts and Holden will charge you accordingly.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2009

18th Oct 2009, 19:11

I have the same car. 2001 - 2.6L – Manual – 100,000km.

Everything squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaks.

Suspension (on hot days this is very loud and embarrassing) squeaks - Soon to be repaired.

Driver’s seat squeaks.

Steering wheel squeaks.

Accelerator pedal (would you believe it) squeaks.

Brakes (rotors need to be machined or replaced but the pads are still good) squeak.

I think the driver’s window is not working as well as it should, it is now slower that other windows.

My engine mounts have broken TWICE and I could only get second hand parts. The second hand parts are probably why they broke the second time, so I am hoping these current ones don’t break.

Extra oil and coolant need to be added every 3 or 4 months. 500ml oil 1 litre coolant.

It has stalled a couple of times recently after hard acceleration, and then putting the clutch in to coast along, so I think the fuel may be restricted somewhere.

The mechanic I go to for a few years now is really good and I have never been overcharged, but I don’t think he has access to all the computer technology that is required to diagnose the engine properly.

When I go to a Holden service centre, I am always overcharged and I never feel like I have gotten good customer service.