1992 Honda Civic 1.5 non VTEC


Best car for the price!


Brake light needed replacement ($5).

Head lamp needed replacement ($20).

General Comments:

Bought the base model for 1992. No frills. Cheap to run, but gutless as you'd expect from a 1.5 non VTEC. I'm happy with this car for what I paid for it. Has never given me any major issues, despite my mechanic suggesting the car might not have had any servicing since coming from Japan. (many years ago) So easy to drive, doesn't blow smoke or make funny noises.


- Seats are uncomfortable, get a sore back on long trips.

- Slow (but to be expected with the engine size).

- Not a cool looking car.


- Cheap to run.

- Easy to drive.

- Lots of space (including the boot).

- Easily the best car I could buy for the cash I had.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2012

14th Oct 2014, 12:11

I owned this model year and displacement Civic, and sold it for a Nissan Cefiro. It trumps the Civic in every way except MPG (it has a bigger engine). It costs about the same to buy.

1992 Honda Civic GL 1.5


Great economic car


Engine started eating through the oil at 200000.

Cold start problems.

High idle on cold starts.

Rocky seats.

Seats foam wore out on drivers seat bolsters.

Rocky head rests.

General Comments:

This car was great. I owned it for a year and did not give me any major problems. The problems listed above (except for the oil one) were fixed by my mechanic as the GL was a carby and needed adjustments done to it.

The engine started eating oil I believe due to myself stupidly using an engine flush, thinking it would do good for my aging engine. Instead my engine was never the same again.

The car was very spacious for its size, however it had a tiny boot. You could seat people in the back comfortably. I replaced the front seats with Delsol seats, which fixed all the seat problems.

I recommend buying an EG Civic, however I do think if I was to buy another one, I would try to find a fuel injected one (less maintenance).

Strangely, the car never seemed to use any more petrol regardless as to if I drove it hard or like a grandma. I consistently got 500km+ per 35L.

The shape of the car has aged extremely well, so prices have stayed high for its age.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2010

1992 Honda Civic Breeze Hatch 1.3 Twin Carby


Great car, especially as a first car, really enjoy it, and I'd recommend it to anyone!!


Bought the car from a dodgy bloke, so I expected things to go wrong, and so far I've replaced:

- Right hand outer CV joint.

- Right hand boot rack.

- Re-do the oil injectors.

- Re-wired headlights.

General Comments:

- Great handling.

- Quick acceleration.

- Damn good when it comes to hand-braking around corners.

- Not the best car to drive along freeways and highways, as the sound can become quite annoying, and I got a full exhaust system installed, which doesn't exactly help with the noise on the longer roads.

- Really fun car to drive... each time I drive it, it's like a new adventure, really enjoy this car.

- There's a fair few modifications available for it, and as I'm into the looks of the car, these cars are really nice to do up, although it does cost quite a bit of money, and aftermarket body parts aren't all that easy to get around to.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2009

1992 Honda Civic mx 1.5 vtec


The most fun car I have owned


Wheel alignment go out easily.

Smokes bit.

Uses oil.

General Comments:

Not built for comfort, but for a 1.5lt.

The car will wind off the clock at 195kms.

Do 46 to 50 miles to the gallon.

Climbs hills like a v8.

I will be buying another when this one dies.

Corners well, but will swap ends down hill under heavy breaking in the wet.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

1992 Honda Civic SiR 1.6 DOHC VTEC


Cheap way to smoke the road


Rumbling plastic noise coming from the rear mirror.

Shock absorbers give a knocking sound, but my mechanic couldn't find any fault in the shocks.

Wheel arches too small for 16 inches tyres. You will need low profile ones to overcome that problem.

General Comments:

Considering the displacement and the cost, DOHC VTEC is a brilliant way to go fast.

A tiny Civic is more spacious than a Skyline GTR!

Fuel saving at low rev.

However, auto transmission and VTEC is a bad combo.

Loose plastic sounds and a "weak" chassis is a common problem in Civic hatchback. My previous Civic had the same noise.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2002

26th Aug 2002, 08:22

16inches are not standard wheels, Honda Si and SiRs came with 14inch wheels. If this car was bought in Australia it certainly was not sold by Honda Australia as only the Si model was sold here.

24th Sep 2008, 16:29

There is no need to go larger than 15" with this car.