1990 Honda Legend 2.7 Litre V6


A true quality built car


CV Joints needed replacing at 135,000k $350.

Radiator header tank repair at 164,000 K. $120.

Auto choke needed replacement.$60.

Door light switch replaced.$ 15.

General Comments:

The engine is nearly bulletproof. It was cooked 3 times. Once when the radiator cap failed, two other times times when I found the radiator leak. The engine was so hot that it could hardly be cranked.

Even if the valve lifters click, there is very little to worry about as the engine will go forever.

The three dealers in Brisbane have never had to rebuild a V6 engine ever. That is truely amazing.

The car is total comfort. The leather trim is superb. Electric seats are great. Smooth ride. Real performance if you want to boot it. Great low down torque like a v8.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th April, 2005