1999 Honda Logo 1.3 petrol


Slow but reliable



General Comments:

Bought this off an old guy that did 100,000 Kms in it each year. Regularly serviced, has had a cam belt every year, water pump, spark plugs, etc, etc, etc, and she's still going.

You remove the rocker cover and it looks like new, amazing. Still on its first clutch too.

Seriously, if you want a reliable car that keeps going, there yah go.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2012

1997 Honda Logo 1.3 petrol


Fantastic cheap city car - not exactly suited to highway though


Something needed replacing in the suspension in 2005. (cost $500USD, apparently common in Japanese imported cars).

Recall for ignition (but wasn't actually faulty)

General Comments:

Excellent cheap city car. Doesn't handle that well at 100kph, jumps around a bit.

I've achieved 6.0l/100km in the city, driving carefully.

The seats have a horrid design, but are surprising supportive and comfortable, even on long trips.

Heater and Aircon amazing, simple to use too.

Loud on open road.

Small engine does well, but isn't fast, and up hills with anyone in the car it suffers.

3 gear automatic very simplixtic, gives good pick up from 70-105kph though (then almost stops accelerating).

Brilliant to park, do U Turns, great visability, huge front window.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2008