1984 Honda Prelude EX ET-2


Reliable cheap transport


Automatic choke stuck - disabled.

General Comments:

The Prelude had been a reliable car for the very high km travelled - I bought it off the original owner who was too old to continue driving! How lucky! It ran well and everything worked as it should. The paint was giving out and rust is what killed the car, as it wasn't garaged in its later years.

Not the fastest car, although fairly agile and comfortable to travel in on long distance journeys.

Fuel economy was surprisingly good after the choke was disabled, giving 800km out of 60 litres.

Rust in the sunroof surround and the price of repair is what killed off the car, although nearly 400k is good running for the original trans and engine.

It was a good cheap laugh and reliable at the same time. I hope future cars continue this trend of reliability in their old age.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2016

1984 Honda Prelude EX Hondamatic 1.8 CV dual carb


Reliable work horse


Central locking has just failed.

Air conditioning has a leak, so there is no gas in the system.

Transmission is delayed at going into drive in very hot weather; this can be expected for the mileage covered.

Had to get a small rust spot fixed in the sunroof.

General Comments:

Great runabout with nimble handling.

The engine is prehistoric and so is the transmission, but you learn to live with it.

I've had no problems mechanically so far; just a ball joint will need replacing soon.

Can be a little gas hungry for a 1.8L, but she is dependable.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2013

1984 Honda Prelude XX 1.8 SOHC Twin Carb


A real hoons car that drives like its on rails!


Head gasket blew at around 230000Kms, Did not repair it to almost 300000!

Alternator blew around the same time- fitted a second hand unit, it then blew at 305000- needed brushes and 1 bearing to fix, only $20!!

Passenger, front wheel bearing at around 310000.

Drivers seat torn badly.

After living by the sea for years, it has a little rust.

Has just had a second hand transmission fitted. Old one died due to the unit being badly serviced.

General Comments:

Quite a peppy car considering its age and fairly small engine displacement.

Has been a fun and reliable car and has never actually let me down while driving it. A good credit to Honda who's technology was obviously ahead of its time back then.

The car is very comfortable with heaps of legroom and easy to use instrument clusters.

Rust seems to be the only problem with the car, rusts badly around rear window and sunroof, but hey- its 20 years old!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2005

1984 Honda Prelude 1.8L


The Perfect


I was told not much was needed to get a road worthy certificate, later I found out that;

Needed a new handbrake link

Headlights did not pop up, but found out that it was going to be a major hassle as wiring was rooted when I tried to fix it

New seat belts as the old ones had fraid away.

General Comments:

This is a great Prelude which handles extremely well around corners and has all the features that cars have nowadays like Anti-Brake-locking System (ABS) 4 Disc brakes, power windows and mirrors, and aircon.

For the right price a great car I only paid $1,800 for mine.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2004

1984 Honda Prelude 4W-ALB 1.8


A pleasure that cannot be expressed in horsepower


Paint was worn on roof and boot when I got it, and there are minor dents and scratches on various parts of the body work.

Front suspension was worn and the car squeaked when going over humps or uneven surfaces.

Temperature climbed to new heights at every idling due to radiator leaks.

Steering is off center due to wearing of steering rack. The steering rack and mounts have to be replaced.

General Comments:

It's a decent car for its age, but fixing it up cost me a lot in time and money.

The handling has been improved due to the change of suspension and lowering of the car.

Changing the radiator and cleaning the engine has resulted in dramatic improvements in acceleration and response, but power is something still to be desired.

Overall, I am happy with the car as I got it at a bargain and do not mind spending the time to lovingly restore it.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003