1985 Honda Prelude XX 1.8


Very quick and good for the money, but high maintenance and gas sucking


The valves or the tappets knock.

The brakes. OK so it failed its warrant on the hand brake. The cable had stuck when I took it to a garage and got ripped for their work. I installed the new cables and it worked mint. But it still couldn't pass because now they dragged. The back calipers are stuffed and I can't afford new ones.

Pipes are rusting too...

Paint on boots is crazed and it's starting on roof... oh no.

CV joints.

General Comments:

OK, the car's quite bagged, but it drives like it's on train tracks. You can hammer a corner and it doesn't even slide. Its got hard springs which I think come as standard and they rock.

Leaves anything for dead on the boy racer circuit inc. Skyline's and Pulsars etc. except Skyline GTs and Evolutions etc, but they're twin turbo top dollar cars.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th June, 2001