1990 Honda Prelude Si 4WS 2 Litre


Like a big go-kart, but with comfier seats!


Developed exhaust rattle around 195,000 K's ($30 fix)

General Comments:

This car is 100 percent a drivers car. You just have to sit in it and start driving it to know this. I have owned mine for two years and still fall in love with it more each day. I receive a lot of compliments on it, too.

If you really enjoy driving, but have a limited budget, this car is an excellent choice. Even with my lead-foot driving style, I get 9 liters to 100km. Consumable parts cost the same as for any other car (belts, filters etc.), but major parts cost more. Due to excellent build quality however, these are rarely needed. The only car I would consider to replace this one is the Honda S2000.

I would not recommend this car to you if:

-you are too tall to comfortably fit inside

-you have difficulty getting in and out due to how low it is

-you need to regularly take more than one passenger

-you need to carry large items in the boot (entry is a bit small).

If none of the above are a problem, go for it!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2008

1990 Honda Prelude Si4WS 2.0 2BA6


Quick, reliable fun - a great cure for mid-life crisis


S4 indicator showed shortly after I bought the car. Check of the Trans Control Unit showed a selector position fault (?) but I fixed the problem by cleaning the under-hood connectors.

No other faults.

General Comments:

I bought this car as a second vehicle to supplement my motorcycle (a 1990 Honda VFR750). I wanted a car that had character and was a little more sporty than the locally built Fords and Holdens (GM). After much research I settled on a white 1990 Honda Prelude with 220,000km. on the odometer.

This car has not disappointed. While being no Ferrari, it easily keeps up with the traffic, is great fun to drive, has all the creature comforts like cruise, electric windows, electric sunroof (I love this). 4 wheel steer makes it a breeze to park and manoever and the handling is fabulous.

Fuel economy is quite good at 20mpg in the city and 26mpg on the highway. It cruises comfortably at 120kph (75mph)

4 wheel discs make for effective braking although the addition of ABS would make it complete.

Overall, this car is the complete package.

The suspension is a tad hard, but fits well with a luxury sports car like the prelude. If I want a plush ride, I can always take my wife's Commodore for a drive. Not nearly as much fun as the Honda. I love this car!

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006