1992 Honda Prelude Si 2.2 petrol


Reliable, well built, economical, sporty and nimble! Kudos to Honda!


Faulty door catch - fixed with a bit of oiling.

Oscillating idling speed - tightened the plunger seat of the fast idle valve (searched online). A 2 minute job.

Faulty aerial.

Intermittent cabin lights - stuffed some paper under the switch contacts.

Stiff gear change (due to wear).

Some mysterious plastic squeaks behind the fascia.

General Comments:

Just acquired the car. Amazed at the overall condition. Although it is yesteryear's design, the shape is quite stout and sexy, and except for the aerial, all the electronics, including the sunroof and cruise control, works.

Throttle response is still sensitive, and the engine is most lively from 3.5k on. For a 19 year old car, acceleration is quite impressive. Speed build-up is rather throaty, and the suspension is quite taut and is good for cornering, but the ride is quite soft, not like a horse cart.

I've just slotted in a new battery and the car fires up instantly every time. Fuel economy: 8.5 - 8.9 on my regular suburban commute. 100kmh would come at 3000rpm, so it would not be an ideal highway cruiser.

Complaints: terrible rear view visibility, lack of a rear wiper and the low cabin entry, but then, this is part of the deal.

This car is the best used car I've ever owned. If I were to buy a new car, it will have to be a Honda. For now, I just indulge in the fact that I have picked up a reliable and economical sports car for next to nothing!

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Review Date: 7th August, 2011

1992 Honda Prelude VTEC 2.2 VTEC


High performance car killer for a fraction of the price


Would sometimes cut out while driving; would be fine after I opened the petrol cap. Happened very rarely.

General Comments:

Wow!! Bought this as my first car and had no idea what a beast these things really are.

Picked the car up for $2400 NZD with 176,000kms (BARGAIN!!). Also had four low profile performance tires.

For this price, there is nothing else quicker, once you hit 5000 revs it takes off. Handles fantastic, glued to the road. Great fun to drive, and would have loved to keep it, but couldn't for two reasons.

1. It was very impracticable to take anybody but two people in.

2. Being a High school student, I just couldn't afford the running costs (was fine if I drove it steadily, but who could resist putting your foot down at every opportunity).

Interior really made you feel like you were in a performance car with its low seating position, and a mate once said it looked like a spaceship inside.

However comfort wasn't great (but who needs comfort in a sports car).

Cool and handy extras include...

- Traction control

- 4WS

- Electric seats

- Cruise control.

Great reliability, never had to replace anything for the year and a half I had it.

Two bad things I have to say about it are the rear leg room is almost zero, and my mates gave me grief because they said it was a girl's car (but they weren’t complaining when it hit 5000rpm down the back roads).

If you want a car that really is a performance car, but don't have the money for a Skyline, WRX, EVO, or RX7, get one of these. The Prelude will more than hold its own against any of these cars. And if they laugh at you for having a girly car, just drag them at the lights and see who’s laughing then.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2010

1992 Honda Prelude Si VTEC 2.2L VTEC


CV boots needed replacing.

The Four-Wheel-Steering system is known to disengage on occasion and cease working (No biggie, just means it handles like a regular non-4WS car).

General Comments:

I have owned this car for approximately a month, and I feel I have been able to put it though its paces in that time.

My model is the 'Si-VTEC', it is the Japanese spec and sought after 'BB1' grade with the H22A engine, LSD and a factory traction control switch. Basically the FLAGSHIP and most desired model.

I have some mixed feelings about the Prelude, it seems like a drivers car with its aggressive, low slung wide-body, powerful engine, and 'cat like' handling, but then the interior suggests otherwise with the gauges spread all the way across the dash, away from the driver...

Around town the Prelude, if driven sensibly, can be considered economical and even I suppose, boring. But if you want there is excitement waiting, it hides just beyond 5000RPM and its name is 'VTEC'. Meet your new best friend. If you feel the need, like I did when I was pulling 70KPH (cliff-side) around a winding mountain range, VTEC is more than willing to give you an extra 17% HP and sends you deep back into the drivers seat.

Now, despite the fact that I drive an Automatic, just a simple flick of the 'sports' mode button changes the gear changes at a higher RPM giving you the feel of a Manual with the laziness of an Auto. Just be expecting to pay the price at the petrol pump.

Certain models (such as mine) come with Four-Wheel-Steering (4WS). This basically gives you 'super-turning' and improved cornering. It was originally used on race cars and really does add value to the overall driving experience. Whether it be during maneuvers at high-speed or low-speed.

So now we come to the bottom-line, should YOU buy one? I would say yes with a, but...

The car is a looker and there for a 'puller'. It is practical, yet thanks to VTEC it has the option of being impractical, and for this I give it my two thumbs up. So overall it is a GREAT car (and now for the, but/s) BUT, despite it having 'four' seats, due to the cramped conditions in the back, it really is strictly a two person vehicle, and without VTEC this car loses a whole lot of fun-factor.

In closing I suggest that you purchase this car but only if you have one girlfriend and you can find a one with a VTEC engine.

A SOLID 8/10.



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Review Date: 27th August, 2007

19th Oct 2007, 16:54

How about the boot size - I am considering a car just like yours, I am married with a 9 month old son. I know he will fit in the back seat, but can the boot take its toll in regards to pram and further accesories? Thanks for your comments as they were very enlighting.

25th Oct 2007, 23:25

The boot size of the Prelude is surpisingly spacious. You could easily fit a folded down pram in the back, but I would possibly reconsider if you are thinking about stashing a baby in the back seat there really is just room for handbags back there.



9th Dec 2009, 18:35

What a loser you drive and automatic, get a manual then you may feel what its really like to drive a 2.2 DOHC VTEC. Sorry to be so blunt, but auto's rob the engine's true performance.