1993 Honda Prelude SRS 2.3 litre twin cam


Great example of Honda engineering. Highly recommend


The paint on the roof is slightly faded.

Electric aerial mast thread is shredded (though the motor is fine).

Apart from these minor details, nothing!

General Comments:

I love this car! This review might be a bit early cause I've only had the car about 3 months, but I had to write something!

Performance is great, and this isn't even the V-TEC version. There is always enough torque to pull away in any gear. You don't have to change down gear to overtake. Everything is very responsive.

It handles amazingly! The closest handling car I've ever driven is a 2001 MX-5.

Front seats are fine (thank god they're bucket seats!) but the back 2 (not 3) are a joke; something Honda threw back there for the hell of it. Wouldn't recommend riding back there for a long trip at all. But hell, it's a sports car not a limo!

Very cool instrument panel that allows you a good view of the road. Digital petrol gauge is a great idea ('this trip took three bars of petrol') and it's a mystery why it's not on newer cars.

Only interior complaint is there's no damn cup holder!

Overall this is a great car! I feel confident in saying now, early on, that I will enjoy it for years to come. Specially with that famed Honda reliability.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

6th Sep 2007, 12:00

The early 90's Honda vehicles are what gave the company such high marks for reliability, they were light years ahead of the competition in regards to manufacturing quality and attention to product detail. Take care of this car and it should easily last you another 150,000 miles or more. Good luck!

1993 Honda Prelude Si 2.3 twin cam


An elegant performer


Well there really isn't much to put here, apart from the contact from the ignition switch having some sort of build up on it at 110,000. The vehicles electrical system started to lose power at times. It was easily fixed. Got the grinder and cleaned up the connector plate.

General Comments:

The thing goes like a trooper. Beats most Commodores, SSS pulsars and gives a 1991-1998 Cellica and the SR20 non-turbo Salvia a shameful run.

Feels better to drive than the newer 97+ model.

Drifts like a champ without using handbrake :D The car has no under steer. The rears actually let go before the front thinks about twitching. Amazing for a FWD. I was truly Amazed..

It may not be the quickest thing on the road, but hands down to Honda for the road holding ability of this car.

Finally I must comment on how good the car looks for a 1993 shape.. Simply timeless.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003