1966 Humber Sceptre Mk II 1.7


Love the Humber Sceptre, a classic retro car of the 60's with the comfort of a modern car


Nothing. There have been no problems so far.

The car has had extensive work done on the engine, suspension and brakes.

General Comments:

My Humber Sceptre is a Mk II version, and has had extensive restoration to the body and engine.

It has good power, and goes well in 3rd and 4th overdrive.

The curvaceous body looks great, and is matched by curved front and back windscreen. This is complemented by lots of chrome and a good looking interior, with enough dials to keep you on top of any problems.

The look is of an American classic car of the 60's.

As the Humber Sceptre was fully imported into Australia, there are only a few left on the road, and this makes it a unique and collectible car. For photos of my Humber Sceptre go to http://myhumbersceptre.blogspot.com

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Review Date: 26th November, 2010