2006 Hyundai Sonata Elite 3.3 Litre V6


Awesome value for money


2010: Windscreen washer motor burnt out after becoming blocked. Fitted a new genuine part, which wasn't cheap at $88.00. Worked perfectly though, so all good!

2010: L/H rear door central locking failed. Still plays up occasionally, and it looks like a pig of a job to repair, so I'm living with it.

2013: Engine "check light" came on about 4 weeks ago for no discernible reason, then went out 2 days later and hasn't come back on since... go figure?

General Comments:

The Elite model comes with a leather interior and "mag wheels", which look nice. The interior is very spacious, and it has bags of rear passenger leg room.

The engine and trans are extremely quiet and smooth, and it is a delight to drive. The V6 is very powerful, and performance is impressive for a car weighing nearly 2 tonnes! It goes!

My only gripe is the very slight delay between depressing the accelerator and engine response. I believe this is due to the fact that these cars are 'drive-by-wire', and the accelerator is electrical as opposed to mechanical.

Fuel consumption is reasonable for a car this size.

Overall we are really happy with our Hyundai, and it was far cheaper than a comparable Toyota Camry, which would have cost us $7k more!! Brilliant value for money.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2013

2007 Hyundai Sonata NF 3.3L


Got the basics right, but too many electronic gizmos that can go wrong


ESP turns off when it rains.

At first it only happened occasionally, but now it is very regular. When it rains and I have to brake in a corner, the ESP gets confused and turns itself off. Ironically, it is during wet weather when you might need the ESP’s help.

Also have an intermittent fault, where the back right door will not unlock. The fault comes and goes; must be with the mechanism, because I am unable to unlock the door with the remote, or manually using the knob on the door.

General Comments:

I needed cheap reliable transport to get me from and to work.

Bought this car on price; it was an ex rental (presumably had a hard life).

I am pleasantly surprised at the quality mechanics on this car. Everything is still tight, the doors close smoothly, the seats are comfortable, the engine is smooth and powerful, and the auto is just a delight.

Surprisingly good fuel economy, 8.2L/100K, which is amazing for such a big powerful car, with the air con on most of the times.

This car was meant to be the work horse on a budget, but it is such a joy to drive, that we often take it on our family outings, in preference to our beloved Prado.

If we ever have to replace our family chariot, the tough, ever faithful Toyota Prado, I will certainly consider looking at what Hyundai has to offer.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2013

27th Nov 2014, 12:01

Hi all,

Just an update on the ESP issue.

The cruise control did not engage and then the brake lights stopped working.

Turns out the issue was with the brake switch on the brake pedal having a poor connection.

Re-jacked the connector, and now the ESP, cruise control and brake lights all work fine.

2009 Hyundai Sonata CRDi 2.0 diesel


Comfortable and economical mile eater, but won't win any races


What I thought was a fault is in fact a characteristic of a diesel. This is the first one I've driven.

Pulling off in traffic slowly caused a stutter and surge.

The dealer explained it was the common rail diesel operating before the turbo kicked in.

A little more gas pedal when moving off solved the problem.

General Comments:

Bit like driving round sitting on your lounge sofa!

Soft ride, very comfortable. Not a driver's car.

Some suspension kick back when pressed though corners.

Excellent economy. 6 litres / 100km easily achievable.

Lots of cabin space and room in the boot.

Good stereo.

Cruise control not accurate enough, and spoils the fuel economy.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2010