1995 Isuzu Bighorn RS 3.2 petrol


Really solid, yet comfortable vehicle, which will take you anywhere you want to go!


This car runs like an absolute dream! I've frequently used this truck to haul heavy loads and it handles just like a car! I often use it off road and in four wheel drive, with great success! The short wheel base makes it an excellent choice for an off road vehicle, and is terrific for climbing over rugged terrain.

I haven't needed to install a lift kit as I would for other trucks, because it is already high enough! The only mod I have added was guards underneath to protect the drivetrain from damage when off road.

It is quiet, and comfortable, and for a car of its age, has a surprising number of comfort features like heated driver's seat and a really good air con system. It is really easy to handle on and off road, and even at high speeds! The switch which enables the driver to control the stability of the vehicle is a great feature.

It starts each time without a hassle, never overheats, and hasn't cost me anything!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2015

1995 Isuzu Bighorn Bighorn 3.1 turbo diesel


Absolutely a brilliant car, hopelessly under rated by the general motoring fraternity


The only real thing that gave trouble was a noisy turbo at 93000 km. I replaced this with a new one, and have had no trouble since.

The gearbox overheated while towing once, but after an oil cooler was fitted, have had no more trouble.

General Comments:

This would be the best vehicle I have ever owned. Comfortable, reliable, and a very good all round vehicle.

The car has been made to work, and most of the km driven have been towing kms pulling a 2 tonne caravan. The economy is not the best towing, but it is a small price to pay for the power and reliability of the vehicle. When not towing, the car is as economical as any other large heavy vehicle. It is not a speed machine, but will keep going all day long, quietly pulling any load.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2011

14th Dec 2011, 02:00

We have a 1995 Bighorn, but it's just blown the motor at 181,000k's. We tow a 450mt Nomad caravan, and the BH has 'spat the dummy'. Anyone else had a similar problem?

We've managed to have the engine replaced with a second-hand motor, but are somewhat apprehensive about towing again. Anyone else had this problem? We kept the servicing up on the vehicle, but it still blew.

20th Mar 2012, 22:56

That's what happens when you put a turbo in a truck... especially when towing.

9th Oct 2012, 17:33

If the car is looked after and the cooling system is in good shape, there is no reason why they can't go forever. Mine has 420,000km and only a slight shift flare into 3rd to show for it.

20th Nov 2012, 03:47

Most big rigs on the road have turbos and or superchargers, so "putting a turbo in a truck" works well if you ask those who know.

2nd Jan 2015, 02:18

Yes, ours just overheated towing a medium size trailer with not that much on it. Ours has done 220,000 km. Also the turbo went about 20,000km ago (Jan 2015).

10th Jul 2015, 01:39

This is a fantastic machine. It is reliable and I am enjoying it.

8th Dec 2015, 01:11

Not true, turbos simply optimize an engine's efficiency; these 3.1 intercooled, turbo diesels really respond well to Lucas oil additives; it not only saves their lives, but extends them considerably, motor and trans.

13th Dec 2015, 19:51

Overheating is a common problem with these (especially places like the top of the Lindis Pass towing a caravan in summer!). It seems the cooling system is a bit light. Retrofitting a triple core radiator should fix the problem.

9th Sep 2017, 03:26

Yes the turbos do work well on trucks if you know how to use it.

1994 Isuzu Bighorn 3.1 turbo diesel


I have a very high opinion of this vehicle, and it is better than I would have expected or hoped


Other than the usual disc pad replacement, I have had to replace the left rear disc, as the locating pins of the caliper seized. Consequently the caliper would not self adjust, causing the disc to wear on the inside.

I had to have the alternator reconditioned at approx. 200,000 kms.

I have just had the injectors replaced and pump timing reset.

The wagon is still running its original clutch, which surprises me.

General Comments:

The wagon is very comfortable on and off road. It has taken me places that I wouldn't want to walk.

There is more than enough room and reasonably quiet except for traveling at speed for a reasonable length of time. This tends to dull the sensitivity of ones ears after a while. Probably its worst point.

For its size and weight, it handles amazingly well. Better than I would have expected for a vehicle of its type.

I've read of bad fuel economy with these vehicles, and as ours had slipped to 27 mpg, I decided to have the injectors replaced. I'm expecting this to increase to around 30 mpg or better, and the signs are good so far.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2009

25th May 2011, 16:09

Does anyone know why when I select Drive on the auto box of a 94 L reg 3.1 Lotus Bighorn it does not seem to go in to top? Also the overdrive switch when pressed does nothing, all other gears engage?

The check transmission light is also flashing.

I have checked the auto box oil level and it is just below the low level line on the dip stick, how do I top it up?

1988 Isuzu Bighorn Turbo 2.8 turbo 5 speed


Good truck


Wheel bearings.

Driveshaft universals.

Engine oil leak.

Seats worn. My model comes with factory Recaro seats.

General Comments:

Truck is generally reliable, other than things mentioned, and considering the kms I have done, mostly 4x4 hunting etc, it's great offroad with decent tyres.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2009

14th Sep 2010, 22:10

This is an interesting comment. The car was already 20 years old when this person bought it and he did 242 thousand kilometres in it.

If it rated so badly I am not sure why he did not dump it much earlier.

1995 Isuzu Bighorn Fieldstar 3.1 intercooled turbo diesel


Very practical and reliable for its price


The car drives good, but when you push your foot flat to the floor, the automatic trans chops down 2 gears instead of 1, and it causes the engine to rev out, so you end up having to let the accelerator off.

General Comments:

This is a nice wagon to drive, and it has heaps of room inside.

It has good power and heaps of torque. Very good for towing, and apart from the auto problem, it has quite good acceleration.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2007