2002 Isuzu Wizard LS V6


Pretty good so far apart from one fault


Haven't had the car very long, but when I go from reverse to drive, it's started cutting out and the check trans light and engine light come on. Had the wiring loom done, but it has started again 2 days later.

Doesn't seem to do it when it's warm. However it does try to cut out when I'm on bumpy road (main street, not gravel).

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm covered under warranty for now, so wanna work out the problem before that runs out and I have to pay.

General Comments:

Quite comfortable to drive with lots of room if you have a few kids in car seats (seat belts are long enough to go around capsules).

Excellent body, no rust.

Changing to sport mode while traveling over a windy hill makes a big difference to the stability.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2015

2000 Isuzu Wizard 3.0 turbo 4JX1


Good car, badly built engine


Injector pump failed.

Oil pressure problems.

Starter motor failure.

Water leakage.

Intermittent ABS warnings.

Final straw; cracked cylinder head.

The vehicle was nice to drive, powerful, quiet, and economic on fuel

It towed very well, though was very slow and hard to start.

4JX1 engine is a failure.

Wrote the vehicle off as it is too expensive to fix, and who wants the trouble?

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2012

12th Aug 2016, 07:55

2000 Isuzu Wizard 3.0 turbo auto, 4jx1 engine.

194000 when acquired. Less than a 100 kilometers later the turbo failed.

New turbo fitted only to pack up as well due to oil pressure.

Problem resolved after fitting a new oil pump and yet another turbo.

Four days now, no problems yet, but warning light comes on when the engine is cold, then once it is warm it seems OK.

Handbrake light comes on intermittently. Nice to drive, solid body, no rust.

I have had this vehicle for six weeks now. It has spent most of that time in the workshop.

2001 Isuzu Wizard 3.0 4JX1




The biggest piece of rubbish I've ever owned!

Hard starting, glow plugs snapped off in the head. Expensive to repair...

Injector seals leaked, replaced injectors and sleeves.

Oil pressure sensor leaks, damaging injector harness.

Oil pick up o-rings failed, sucking air.

Using the correct oil, the vehicle still has the same problem...

Gearbox changes gear randomly.

Elect suspension failed, massively expensive to replace.

TOD failed, no-one can sort the fault out, engages TOD when driving up a slope, causes a banging in the transfer case.

Alternator failed.

Wipers stopped, was the body module $$$$$.

General Comments:

Never buy one, unless you want to waste lots and lots of time and money.

I would never buy another Isuzu because of this vehicle; these failures are not acceptable with the normal standard of Japanese engineering.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2010

1999 Isuzu Wizard 3 litre turbo diesel


Good value 4WD


After about 10,000ks, the engine refused to respond to the accelerator. After much back a forth to servicing, the agents 2nd upgrade to injectors was done at my cost.

Since then one rear wheel seal kit. Regular oil and filter changes, but otherwise only service.

Eleven litres per hundred Ks normal average fuel consumption. Can be less than 10 on long runs lightly loaded.

General Comments:

Wizard is used as a hack to tow boat trailer, 1.5 ton, and as a general run about

Still have my V8 Soarer after 11 years, great engine.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2007

14th Oct 2014, 03:34

I'd like to add to my previous review from back in '07.

Had to have a rebuilt ABS module; that cost about $1200.00 plus about $600 to finally get the problem diagnosed. That was in 2010.

Body is fine, no rust. Went to Kaitia & returned from Auckland in June. Purchased in 2002, first N.Z owner, 73,000km. Had to pay for the injector upgrade soon after, so I missed out on the factory recall later.

It's now done 230,000km, just tyres and the usual oil & filter changes.