1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2.5 turbo diesel


Good ride, expensive spares


I have loved driving this car. I have loved rumbling along with the diesel clattering to itself. I have loved the way it pulled up hills in 5th gear, loved that it handled rough roads so comfortably.

I have not loved the price of spare parts. I am parting with this car, with this truck, because of the price of spare parts, and the frequency with which I needed to pay for these spare parts.

For the genuine parts: $700 for a single head gasket; $1600 for an air conditioning compressor; $200 for a power steering hose; $250 for a new fuel hose; $350 for parts of the hand brake. Thank goodness for aftermarket and reconditioned parts.

For the frequency of repair: it traveled so well, and then it did not, and it did not, and it did not. For a few months, the only place I drove my Jeep to was to the repair shop.

It is to be expected that older cars will need parts replaced. It is not expected that these parts will add up to more than the car is worth. At one stage, I contemplated breaking the vehicle up and selling the parts as second hand, because it seemed that this Jeep was worth more in components than as a whole unit.

General Comments:

This is powerful, nice handling mid sized 4WD.

It costs too much to repair.

It needs to be repaired too often.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2010

7th Oct 2013, 12:20

Three years later I finally sold the Jeep to someone willing to replace the A/C unit again, the turbo, the next engine gasket, all the power steering hoses again, probably the power steering pump, and basically live and breathe the cost of replacing everything that is under the hood.

The diesel engine is a total shocker. I think the same engine manufacturer supplies General Motors with all their diesel engines!!

The only reason it lasted 3 years is I purchased a different vehicle as a daily drive, and the Jeep had less use and time to break down.

I have learnt to avoid any vehicle that has an enthusiast club.

1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport TD 2.5 turbo diesel


Too numerous to list, I'll give you just a few:

Oil feed pipe to head cracked - replaced TWICE.

New turbo due to faulty EGR valve oil leak.

Timing case cover oil leak - one week old.

Rear springs replaced 140,000kms sagged.

Door trims and interior lights falling off etc

I could keep going for some time but I'm sure you have already worked out how I feel about this junk box.

General Comments:

Not very happy with the result from Jeep Australia when I wrote to them explaining my problem.

Sorry to upset any people who actually like their Jeep.

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Review Date: 31st December, 1998