2013 Jeep Patriot Limited 2.4


Good value crossover SUV


Computer fault on the dashboard after 1 week.

General Comments:

Fantastic all rounder.

Great city SUV with ample space for a dog.

CVT transmission a bit sluggish on the motorway, but lots of power around the city.

Very spacious cabin and extras are worth the money, like heated seats and upgraded Bluetooth stereo.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2013

2nd Jun 2013, 23:10

The Patriot is Daimler's heritage to their ownership of Jeep. Mercedes ML SUVs were equipped with Jeep patented NV247. A first in Jeep's history, known to not to share their designs in traction. The top of the line Daimler serious off-roader, sports solid axle and multi-link suspension derived from the Grand Cherokee. They bought Chrysler, went away with Jeep's heritage, and left us with grocery getters.

20th Jun 2013, 08:55

The Mercedes G-Wagen was around well before they were in bed with Jeep. It is a more capable vehicle than any Jeep off the showroom floor.

2007 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4 2.4L petol


Safe, reliable, economical, capable vehicle


Stereo speakers failed.

General Comments:

Very reliable.

Very economical to run.

Quiet effortless highway cruising.

Surprisingly good offroad.

Safe in an accident.

Standard safety features in Australian delivered cars.

Unattractive interior, but this has been revised to a much improved interior in the 2009 model.

I really can't find any serious faults to report about my Jeep, apart from the boring interior and the lack of bluetooth as standard.

I have owned this vehicle from new and covered 41,000km so far with absolutely no problems, apart from the stereo speakers crackling, which the dealer replaced with-in the week after I complained about this problem.

The engine and Constant Variable Transmission mean it's no rocketship, however it sufficient.

My Jeep has been extremely reliable. It's quiet, comfortable, and returns an average fuel consumption of 8lt per 100km (about 600km from a 50lt tank).

I live in a country area where there is unsealed roads, often muddy slippery conditions, badly rutted roads, and my Jeep has proven itself time and time again with its impressive all wheel drive traction and fantastic ESP and ABS program, which I believe has saved my vehicle from numerous accidents on treacherous roads.

A major decision for the purchase of this vehicle was based on the large amount of standard safety features, front/side/curtain airbags, ESP, TC, ARM, ABS, BA etc..

I am very glad I purchased it on this basis, as my Jeep was involved in a serious car accident on the weekend. My vehicle was stationary and another vehicle collided into my vehicle traveling at approximately 70km/h. I and my passenger got out of the Jeep without a scratch, and my vehicle is still in a drivable condition. The other vehicle was written off and the driver had to be removed from his vehicle by the paramedics and was admitted to hospital.

I am still waiting to hear if my insurance company will repair my Jeep or write it off. If it is written off, I will be straight back to the Jeep dealer to purchase another Jeep Patriot.

One very happy customer!!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009