2008 Kia Rio LX 1.4


Excellent value for money



General Comments:

I had a 1997 Hyundai Excel that I was using for work. It was difficult for me to drive long distance as I'm 6'4".

In the Rio I have heaps of leg room & head room.

I found the economy is good, but will improve as the Rio is broken in.

I found that the dealer was very helpful.

I bought a Rio LX green manual. I thought about the EX version, but decided against it as it really only gave me an arm rest, extra airbags & ABS brakes.

I had decided against the Rio, and maybe getting a Cerato or Hyundai i30, as the Rio has no cruise control option. The dealer advised me of an after market cruise that they can fit, which I did as well as tinting the windows. I found it works great; the car cruises at 60 - 100 kms easily. Better than the standard cruise control that my wife has on her Hyundai Elantra.

Overall very happy. Highly recommend anyone to buy a Rio or any Kia model.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2009

21st Mar 2009, 19:17

If you like the 2008 so far, then why the unhappy face and why wouldn't you buy from the manufacturer again?