2010 Kia Soul Plus diesel 1.6 turbo diesel


I am very happy with this car


I bought this car new with only delivery kilometres, and nothing has gone wrong with it yet. I bought it only 7 months ago. Very well presented on delivery.

General Comments:

This is the second new Kia I have owned, the previous one being a 2005 Cerato diesel manual, which I had for a few years and then traded in to get this new model. I bought this second Kia, as the first had been so good and so reliable.

The diesel motor on these cars impresses me very much, as I like the way it pulls away from rest. It is not that it has sparkling performance, far from it, but it is more than enough power to do well around town, and is surprisingly smooth and quiet on the open road. Indeed it gets me from place to place in very good time, with a minimum of effort.

Comfort is not a great strength, as the suspension is quite hard, but I am hoping it will soften as it gets more use. As I am not tall, I enjoy the high seating position. Seats are a little hard, but generally comfortable for a long trip. It may not handle like sports car, but I do not drive like that.

The car is 'distinctive' in appearance. I like it, but not everyone will. Visibility is generally very good, but there are quite large rear pillars. Reversing is assisted with sensors, which work very well.

Economy. Both of my Kias have consistently been less economical than the publicity would suggest. Maybe that is because I do mostly city driving. Nevertheless, I do get an average of 7.4 l/100 (13.3 k/l), with which I am satisfied. I think this Soul would do better economy with a 2 litre motor, which would also enhance the performance. The auto transmission, which I like, seems to take rather much of the power for the car also to be very economical. The car is quite large, and the motor a little small (1.6l), to be very economical

There are not many Kia Soul cars on the road, but my experience is very positive, and I recommend Kias generally, and the Soul in particular, very highly.

I have owned many different makes of car, and find that my Kia performs satisfactorily in all areas. I am delighted with the purchase.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2011

21st Jul 2011, 02:58

I wrote the original review and these are some up-date comments.

I have now had two annoying but not very important problems. First, at 9,000 k the starter motor was replaced under warranty. It had developed an occasional fault, not turning the engine over when the ignition key was turned.

And then at 10,000 k, occasionally none of the brake warning lights would extinguish when the car was started and the handbrake released. This was diagnosed as a faulty ABS pump. It was 'reset' for me with advice to keep an eye on it and return should the fault recur. At this stage, the ABS pump would be replaced. In each case, all costs were covered under warranty, with no questions asked.

3rd Oct 2011, 23:17

Same writer again as did the original review, and I am commenting now on the first annual check. There were no problems to report. The check was done, the car has a clean bill of health, and I will be back in twelve months all being well.

The ABS light problem has not completely resolved, but has become very spasmodic. The valve was reset again, and it will be replaced under warranty if necessary. The cost of the annual survey was a little under NZ$300. The dealership continues to give great service.

In general I feel that I could be driving something with a bit more character, rather more comfortable and with a bit better fuel consumption, but I really can't complain. Fuel consumption for the first year was 7.7 l/100, and I spent $1151.27 on fuel. I do mostly city driving.