2002 Kia Spectra LS 1.8 4 cylinder


A low cost high performance 4 cyclinder which is very happy in city traffic


A small bracket pin on the CD mounting broke (partly my fault).

Gearbox vibrations cause the gearstick to rattle particularly when slowing/coasting in traffic.

Rear parcel trays and panel vibrations cause rattles and squeaks. This was reduced, but not eliminated by the dealer at the 10k service.

Paintwork is soft and scratches easily.

General Comments:

The Spectra is quite nippy and can easily keep up with traffic (which is increasing speed with the numerous new zippy Mazda's and Toyota's etc. around these days).

I like the seating poisition and the dash layout. It is a low cost 4 cylinder with electric everything and a great CD system.

Body styling is good except for the front which looks too much like a Hyundai, because of the slenderness.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004

23rd Sep 2004, 01:15

I'm thinking about purchasing a 02' kia spectra for 4,895 with 29k sounds to good to be true, the car is suppose still be under warranty. thanks to your comment I will re-think this thru. no wonder this guy is selling it for dirt cheap. LIZ TAYLOR.