1976 Lancia Beta Coupe 1.8L twin cam 4 cylinder


Awesome, fun, fast, safe, reliable, and totally drool inducing classic


Only ever had things need changing as required. Such as brake discs and pads, and general servicing. Clutch went around 200,000km, and it has had two starter motors and a water pump.

Most reliable car I have ever had; the harder you drove it the better it was. Ran rough if you babied it around.

She is off the road at the moment as I am giving her a full restoration.

General Comments:

I think if you saw God's resume he would have Lancia suspension engineer listed as prior employment; the handling is that good. There are cars that achieve higher lateral Gs and faster acceleration etc, but in a Beta Coupe the whole lot just comes together in such a way that you "feel" so much more.

So much personality and character as well; my car is the first car I ever owned, and is the only car I will never part with. I want to find three more for my kids as well.

You could describe a spirited drive as the most fun you could have with your clothes on.

Surprisingly practical too, with a large (for the size of the car) boot and good fuel economy (except when you are really going hard).

One of the most under-rated driver's cars of all time. Most comments against them are from people who have never owned one. And such a gorgeous shape, really timeless and needs to be seen in the metal to be fully appreciated.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2015

4th Jun 2015, 09:06

Wow, I had a 1981 Beta Coupe, also a 1.8 twincam, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was actually quite reliable during the two or so years I had it in the late 1990s, and only the automatic choke was a bit temperamental during winter.

Agreed on the suspension, although mine had a stiffer set of springs from the previous owner, this is the one car I could throw into practically any bend at almost any speed, and the car just gripped and turned. It was like it wasn't FWD.

And it was a beautiful car - I got stares from people at the lights, and they would come up to talk to me while gassing up the car at a petrol station.

The sound of the engine was beautiful. I ended up turning the radio off because it just messed the sound of the engine. I got rid of it before it started to rust, but also because some parts were getting difficult to find - like the door window glass. But that car was so much fun.

11th Jun 2015, 22:52

I totally agree with turning the radio off; such a great sounding engine. Much nicer than in the Fiats, which is interesting as it was a similar engine. Much better head though.

1975 Lancia Beta 1800 Sedan 1.8 Twin-cam


An absolute gem! I wish I'd kept it, but it rusted to pieces


Rust, rust and still more rust. Body dissolved like cotton candy!

The Italian government forced Lancia to use crappy Russian steel, due to Left-wing sympathies. This means...yes, rust!!

Headlamp self-levellers died, causing wonky beams.

CV-joints wore out after 5000km. Remember, it was six years old.

A few minor annoyances, but I can't remember specific ones.

General Comments:

I went from a LH Torana SL to this car.

It was like travelling through time from the '50's to 2001.

Ride and handling was just magic.

The engine was so refined, most modern engines are just catching-up with it now.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2006

1982 Lancia Beta HPE 2.0 petrol


One of two the best driver cars I have ever owned


Head gasket blew at 180000 km.

Wheel bearings at 150000.

Clutch replaced at 215000.

General Comments:

This car was a great long distance cruiser which was a pleasure to drive.

I always had total confidence in this car.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

1975 Lancia Beta Coupe 1.8L petrol


Drive one hard and fall in love, buy one forever.


Generally the Beta has been very reliable. It gets thrashed on a daily basis.

The front suspension bushes have only recently required replacement.

The gear linkage setup can cause a bit of hassle for the uninitiated.

Minor problems with a few rust spots around the windscreen and chrome strip surrounds of the rear windows.

General Comments:

I bought this car for my girlfriend, but I just love driving it. She's got a Datsun now!

The Beta drives brilliantly, the motor is a real gem and just loves to rev.

The handling is superb and on the seriously twisty bits I have seriously embarrassed some considerably more exotic marques.

Brakes are great, however it is possible to get considerable weight transfer to the front and the back end can jump out and bite you. This is only evident if one is really going for it though!

Original interior, red velour seats and lime green carpet...yeach...where's the mirror ball.

Surprising amount of space for a long bloke, I'm 6'3" and no problems, but on the odd occasion there is not much space between the upper thighs and the bottom of the wheel. This is usually apparent when one is fighting with the wheel when you've jumped onto the brakes late into a corner and the boot lid is just outside the drivers window.

This is a drivers car, give the little bugger heaps, thrash it, they love it and will reward you with a smile that lasts for hours. Just gotta duck out and buy some smokes, I'll be back in a couple of hours.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2003

29th Aug 2004, 00:50

You used to drive an MGB, that would make the Beta feel like a Ferrari. I'm glad you crossed over.