1996 Land Rover Discovery 300 TDi 2.5L turbo diesel


Great reliable 4x4!


Most of the issues were self provoked from bush bashing every weekend.

Replaced the A/C pulley, water pump pulley, and adjustable tensioner (about $150 for all pulleys).

Front brake hose split, leaving me without any compression for the brakes (new hose cost about $30).

Needed new clutch (parts and labour, $1100).

Roof lining is sagging.

General Comments:

Unlike the later TD5, the 300tdi is easier to service and fix as it has less electrical faults.

Great economy!! $100 for a full tank would get me about 850km, until I put bigger tyres on and only get about 650km and lost torque due to the upgrade. However power can be gained again, by bypassing the EGR valve and replacing the catalytic converter with a straight pipe.

It is a very sluggish car, but makes up for it with reliability, fuel efficiency, and its 4.5T towing capacity.

Its capabilities offroad are under rated, and it gets over any obstacle the bush throws at it (not the comp truck tracks). My dad, having owned the auto 300tdi, tends to be more capable on dunes and out bush, due to not losing momentum during gear changes.

This car has served me greatly, travelling, commuting, bush bashing and dune driving, and as my every day car. Built with a strong reliable motor, I recommend this vehicle to anyone in the market for an economical and spacious 4x4. Just like any car, a well maintained car with more km is better than a car with less km and thrashed about.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2015

1996 Land Rover Discovery 3.9 V8


I love it and hate it at the same time


Tail shaft rubber ripped the day before a big trip; was cheap and easy to repair.

Blew a coolant hose; easy to repair.

Had an erratic idle, and stalled on idle; it was a dirty throttle body.

Hazard lights illuminate on hitting hard bumps, and won't go off till the immobiliser is reset.

Squeaks n rattles all round.

Steering had a lot of play; turned out worn sway bar bushes.

Oil leaks everywhere.

General Comments:

I hate this car so much, but I love it and can't bring myself to sell it.

It has been OK reliability wise; it gets me from A TO CLOSE TO B; normally within walking distance of B.

It's the most comfortable car to drive I have owned.

This is my second disco; my first one has gone to Land Rover heaven after an accident.

I have had this one airborne, on the beach, on the dirt, and on rocks. It performs really well on all terrain.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2007

1996 Land Rover Discovery 300tdi


Extremely versatile, value for money


ABS Warning light remained on. By checking Land Rover forum I found it to be a faulty contactor and replaced it $25.

Rear door lock works intermittently.

Passenger door lock works intermittently.

Headlining sags.

Air cond. Cluth solenoid faulty.

General Comments:

My disco has some faults I grant you. But so does every other 11 year old vehicle I have owned.

It also has some very redeeming points as well.

It can carry almost anything I have loaded in including ovens and camping gear and up to seven people.

It is built like a tank and goes anywhere in comfort and style. Anywhere it can't go is not worth going. It has coil springs an beats many Japanese 4wds hands down in comfort. It comes standard with a centre lock diff. See if Toyota will give you that for free.

It has an aluminium body and is very resistant to corrosion. So many Toyotas are going around with rust repairs from days at the beach.

It is sensationally economical to run on deisel. 11 litres per 100km. The same as my 2 litre Hyundai Elantra!!!

It has a list of standard extras as long as your arm. ABS, air bags, alloy wheels, central locking, alarm,electric windows, etc etc.

I have heard so many people say they are expensive to repair and unreliable. Don't kid yourself into believing that a Land Cruiser or Patrol is any cheaper they all bite. They all need repairs. My Disco has never been stuck and never had a day off yet. We take it everywhere from snow to beach to sand to hauling timber and I never even have to change tyre pressure. It is singularly the most versatile vehicle I have ever owned.

I can't wait to go away in it again.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2005

5th Feb 2007, 04:14



Comfortable..YES again!!

Great fun and very capable off-road, and now it's got some Goodrich A/T's on instead of highway tyres I may go even that little bit further!!! Minor prob's with mine also include the ABS light staying on, so interested to see last comment regarding the forum... must go and check that out!!

After nearly 3yrs and roughly 70k's, I don't regret buying it for a minute. Looking forward to many more camping trips as well as playing in the mud!! I pity those who say they've bought a "lemon", you've missed out on a very enjoyable experience.

1996 Land Rover Discovery ES 2.5 turbo diesel


Every thing has gone wrong with this hunk of junk.

Blown head twice and engine once. All electrics stopped working cost about $4500 to fix. After that rear door would not close.

General Comments:

I suggest you to not by one, I would have my Pajero back any day.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2003