1975 Mazda 1300 Deluxe Sedan 1.3 OHC


Love in a Japanese tin can


Several clutches replaced.

Front seats new springs twice.

Radiator reconditioned twice.

New engine mounts.

New vent lever for the interior vent (next to the door).

A few other things (difficult to recall after 37 years).

General Comments:

My mother bought this car new in 1975 for about $3,300.

I bought it in 1990, and still own it.

Worked hard for first 22 years (kids to school, taught 2 people to drive, full loads, country trips etc)... now used once/week.

Heaps of room for this type of car. Can carry a soft bag up front for the passenger and still have leg room (not so in a new car). Good rear leg room.

Fantastic visibility, front, sides and back (not so in a new car).

Engine is a sweetie. Good power and torque (although earlier 1300 models were faster). Sounds good.

Fantastic fresh air ventilation.


REALLY fun to drive.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2012

1970 Mazda 1300 Special 1.3


One of the greatest!


Required a new alternator after 200,000 kilometres.

Clutch required replacing after 80,000 kilometres.

General Comments:

I bought this as my first car in 1996. At that point the car was already 26 years old, but I bought it off a mechanic who wouldn't budge on the asking price, as he felt the car would speak for itself, and it did.

My Mazda 1300 survived 10 years with me - I only replaced the alternator and the clutch in the whole time I had it.

Extremely fuel efficient.

Extremely reliable.

Unbelievably comfortable for such an old car.

It had quite possibly the best heater I've ever come across in a car (including cars of family and friends).

Extremely easy to handle and drive - the car turned on a pin-head, and 3 point turns were never necessary with the steering wheel at full-lock.

I can't say enough good things about the Mazda 1300.

Granted, I had mine re-sprayed, which added to the overall attractiveness of the vehicle, and I had a CD player installed. Cabin noise was minimal.

I only sold the car as I got married, and my husband has a company car, so the Mazda would've made car number 3.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2007

1974 Mazda 1300


A great car, and advanced mechanically for its time


Muffler burnt out, 1976, replaced with stainless steel type and it is still going.

Door rust started early, but has been repaired.

Head was overhauled at 90,000 km due to a burnt valve.

Clutch and gearbox overhaul at 110,000.

Hand brake cannot seem to be made to work properly.

The engine does not like to run when cold, and stalls during warm up time, manipulation of choke becomes an art form.

Other than general maintenance, it has been very reliable

General Comments:

This car has proven to be a reliable workhorse for 29 1/2 years of ownership and due to its life of short runs, the engine is a little smokey at its relatively low k.

It is a car that I probably won't ever part with even though it has been moved down a peg after the purchase of a new Astina.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2003

1971 Mazda 1300 deluxe 1.3L OHC


My Mazda 1300...Heaven on wheels


After early problems with a ballast resistor, and a faulty battery, I have not had any problems.

General Comments:

This car should receive more recognition than in does.

Excellent interior for its time (Deluxe Manual).

High performance, and low maintenance costs... what more do you want!

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Review Date: 17th October, 2002

1974 Mazda 1300 2-door sedan 1.3 SOHC leaded


Cheap and zippy, great car for its age


Replaced the water pump early on.

Radiator was leaking and working poorly, and was replaced.

Excess use of choke when cold resulted in carbon fouled spark plugs. This in turn would cause cylinders to mis-fire.

Spark plugs were all replaced.

Ignition switch failed and was replaced.

General Comments:

A small and very light car which was incredibly advanced for its time.

Handles a bit like a go kart and would probably roll easily due to a high centre of gravity.

Keeps stalling in cold weather at stops. Quite cheap to run, but needs a fair amount of maintenance work. It's a great cheap bomb for the kids to learn on.

Would like a tachometer.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2001

5th Jul 2002, 23:15

>Handles a bit like a go kart and would probably roll >easily due to a high centre of gravity.

Um, can it really be both of those?

4th Nov 2002, 07:55

I have had 4 Mazda 1300's in the past 10 years and have had the best success with the latest one. I have rebuilt the engine with flat top pistons and high performance bearings, the cam has been lumped out a bit, but other than that the carberetor is stock and it has been balanced. the biggest problems I have found are 1:over heating, to combat this I have placed a thermo fan with a temp switch and have removed the standard fan. In doing this I have reduced the drag on the engine and successfully overcome the over heating. 2: I replaced the standard coil with a 12v Bosch coil, but in doing this I have had a spark problem. To combat this I have moved all wires,except for the holly blue fuel pump, over to one side of the ballace resister. Yes the car does handle like a go-kart with its low center of gravity sticking to the road like glue. Overall the 1974-75 models are a fantastic little car with the right work can be a lethal weapon.