2006 Mazda 3 MPS Sports pack 2.3 DISI turbo


Nothing as yet as the car is still relatively new.

General Comments:

This is one seriously quick hatchback. With 190 kw and 380Nm of torque on tap in such a small car, it has enough performance to embarrass many a respected performance car. Wheels magazine, a local motoring mag, tested it on launch and managed an 80-120km/h acceleration run in third gear quicker than a Porsche 911 Carrera in the same gear! The feel from inside the car is of a huge hand pushing you very firmly into the very comfortable semi-bucket sports seats every time you squeeze open the throttle. The performance on offer in third gear is something to experience (the first 2 are torque limited by the ECU etc).

I would say the most surprising aspect of this car is how they managed to reduce torque steer to such a small amount considering the amount of power and torque running through only the fronts. A torque steering pig this is not. Due to the traction and torque control, it is not the quickest thing off the mark, but once rolling, be prepared to build up speed quicker than you can imagine for a small front wheel drive hatchback. In the dry, WRXs watch out. Wheels managed a quicker time in 4th in the MPS than a WRX in third from 80-120.

Comfort inside is a mixed bag. The seats and driving position is top notch for my size (174cm) with telescopic and tilt wheel and height adjustment for the leather/cloth seat. Everything is where you would expect it to be. The ride on the other hand is very firm, but not rough. driving steadily around town it can get a little bit jiggly on rough streets, but as soon as you start opening up the throttle and using the performance, the suspension just keeps getting better by absorbing mid-corner bumps better than you could expect with such firm suspension. It is a car that begs to be given a boot-full. Also don't be surprised if you lift a wheel off the ground when driving up a driveway gutter on an angle, the body is that stiff.

Fuel economy is pretty good for the performance of the car. First fill of close to 50/50 of spirited city/country driving netted 8.8L/100km.

In summary, it is one impressive car with effortless performance and high limits, even with DSC turned off. You can drive sedately without complaint and also put a huge grin on your face when you open the throttle, especially in third. It just has a firm around town ride, but not uncomfortably so. Good one Mazda.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

2004 Mazda 3 SP 23 2.3 Litre


Great car, well made and good finish


No faults with car so far, although not to happy with noise from off side back wheel which sounds like a bearing. Agent says it is the tire, but am not convinced as noticeable at low speed only. Will get it checked again

We have a manual & would benefit from a 6th gear or slightly higher top gear.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle with adequate performance, good looks and draws attention wherever we go, was concerned at the Passion Orange color delivered to us, but is actually a real eye catcher

Free servicing for 3 years a good selling point.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2005

16th Oct 2005, 18:30

Free service for 3 years? That's awsome, I didn't get any free service on my new 2005.

2004 Mazda 3 Maxx Sport 2.0


Awesome car, would definitely buy again and recommend to others!


Nothing at all!

General Comments:

I'm loving this car, it has a great bit of oomph for a "city car". I can usually get off first at the lights if I try :-)

It is really sexy with various features like spoiler, fog lights, etc. and has a great smooth look.

It has good comfy seats.

It drives well on the freeway -- 110+ with little vibration or noise.

Awesome stock stereo, with pretty interior lights!

My friends really like the round flappy air conditioning vents!

It has lots of boot space too, and with the back seats down it's almost like a station wagon!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2005

29th Sep 2006, 21:20

I have to agree. I love my Maxx Sport. The 4 speed sequential auto is a must. It brakes and corners really well, with very little body roll. Don't let a reviews about wheel noise put you off. I've seen none of that.