1988 Mazda 323 4x4 Turbo 1.6 DOHC turbo 4


Cheapest Turbo 4x4 you can buy, and one of the best


Blown Head Gasket due to suspected heater hose rupture.

Alternator died and had to be replaced.

Fuel gauge stopped working.

General Comments:

This is a great performance car on a budget, with a lot of luxury features for its day.

Even though it is a two-door, the back seats are quite reasonable for a hatchback of this type.

Mine is lowered with Koni shock absorbers and heavy duty springs, and has an aftermarket exhaust. This makes the car handle like nothing else in the price range, and I have never lost control under any conditions at any speed.

I also have a boost gauge, Momo steering wheel and aftermarket gear shift knob.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2003

18th Apr 2009, 06:36

I have one of these cars, and upgraded the turbo, the intercooler, the ECU and the exhaust, and turned the boost up. Now I'm getting two fifty horses at the wheels and could not be happier with the car. Never had a problem even with stock internals, and at high boost the car is my little pocket rocket.