1989 Mazda 323 Interplay 1.5 litre petrol


An excellent first car


The biggest problem that I have found to be a problem is that the electric windows are extremely slow, though after 15 years it is quite expected.

The other thing is that the heater is not the quickest one to heat up in a hurry, making cold mornings a bit of a nightmare.

General Comments:

Take off: For an automatic it does have good pickup although it is a bit sluggish on changing gears.

Style: Although it is not the most stylish thing to hit the road, it does look good, and it sure does look better than some of the newer cars on the road.

Interior: The interrior is excellent. The Upholstery on the seats look brand new, although if they were black as apposed to Grey would have been better. The dashboard and door trimmings are excellent being in black because you can add a set of any color seat covers and it will look great.

Car Stereo: One word "crap". For some reason Mazda have decided to put two stereos in, one cassette deck, and one radio both having seperate volume controls. Also to add to the "crap" stereo is a pair of just as bad 4" speakers.Unfortunately Mazda decided cut the costs and not put speakers in the back.

Added Extras: Although Mazda is not applauded for having a decent stereo I will applaude them for putting a few cool features on such as: Factory alloys, spoiler, parking sensors as well as driving sensors, power steering, electric mirrors, electric windows as well as spot lights.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th July, 2005