1997 Mazda 323 Astina hatch 1.8


Absolutely 100 percent reliable. Other than regular servicing the car never cost me anything. Can't fault this car in this respect.

The brakes are poor in my opinion, and the engine gutless.

Also you get a lot of road noise depending on the tires you run.

General Comments:

I had no problems whatsoever with this car. My problem is with the dealer and Mazda Australia.

The sales guy that I did the deal with went on holidays, so a week later when I came to pick up the car the sale had been handed to another salesman (salesperson?). I guess this guy was not getting any of the commission from the deal so he was not interested in me. After he made me wait forever he then basically threw me the keys and said see you later. At the same time I could see other customers picking up their cars and getting the red carpet treatment, including a a full run down of their car... I got none of this. Very poor service I thought.

My other complaint was that 6 months later the new model came out and Mazda dropped the price nearly $10,000!

Great for my resale value...NOT! How could they charge $32000 for my car, and then drop it down to nearly $22,000 for a newer and better model?

For this reason Mazda have blown it with me.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 10th September, 2004

28th Feb 2007, 23:40

I love my Mazda 323 97 hatch astina.

No problems what so ever with the car, drives smooth very economical and reliable.

Interior is very impressive, the car looks great in and out.

An affordable sports car, definitely a head-turner.

You can't go wrong buying a Mazda astina, these cars can last a decade with no issues and you won't regret buying one.

My only 3 problems are:

- No cup holders

- No Cruise control and,

- No Remote Boot hatch release.

Minor issues that can be resolved, i've added these features to my car and now all i can say is 'perfect'.

Check out the body kits you can modify on this car, unique and sexy...

29th Mar 2007, 01:07

Funny you mention no cup holder etc...

I have all these features in my sexy astina and more.

I have a very rare limited edition 97 astina in charcoal grey metallic.

It has:-

Cup holders, boot hatch release, cruise control, coin tray, over ride key, "leather seats", amazing unusual fully electric spoiler sunroof (vent & open) & all electric etc... & way more features.

My astina 97 is worth at least $15,000 + I will modify the car, I'll get a nice kit & rims added to it.

I wonder how much it will be worth then?

Best of all It's mine and it runs superb, not a single problem.

So damn sexy in top condition in & out.

I've added sexy chrome tail lights at the back, it's even hotter.

I'll buy another Mazda car this year, but I won't sell this sexy astina. It's that damn good!!!

5th Nov 2007, 19:44

Yeah you must have the import version; only 200 came from japan sold around the world, you're very lucky.

I was actually looking for one, where did you get yours may I ask???

It has higher torque and kilo WATTS, and extra features & better built.

I have a standard bright rich red Mazda 323 Astina, but I've modified it; 17inch chrome rims, lowered, chrome tail lights, full body kit, neon lights exterior and interior.

Overall good very attractive, mechanically perfect, strong motor and worth every cent.